I’m a new owner of the retina display iPad, but I’m a bit of a latecomer to the Infinity Blade 2 game.  I’ve been playing the game for several days now and I’m having a delightful time leveling up, collecting all sorts of goodies and forging new gems from old gems.  The game looks beautifully and plays exceptionally fine in every aspect.

There is great satisfaction in killing all the enemy monsters.  Is is better to kill them with rage or cunning?  Do you go for multiple protections and power?  Or is it smarter to outwit the beasts with counter-spells and defensive tactics?  You need a little bit of everything to make steady headway in the game.

The Infinity Blade 2 update that dropped yesterday creates a whole new dimension to the game:  Clash Mobs.  You can play online with others and try to win special weapons and collect gold.  You may also reserve your place in future battles.

More often than not, I’ve learned these Clash Mobs tend to fail.  I don’t know if people aren’t leveled up enough to beat the monsters or if there just isn’t yet enough active interest in this new feature to ultimately pay off for users.  Even if you win in a Clash Mob you can ultimately lose your rewards if the others in the anonymous mob don’t step up and do their part.

Playing Infinity Blade 2 can become tiring rebirth after rebirth, and these Clash Mobs add new landscapes to the game that are welcome.  You’re in different environments and scenarios and that makes the game dead fun and adds extra value to your initial purchase.

I’m not a big game player on iOS devices, but Infinity Blade 2 has a great aesthetic and many of the monsters are downright scary.  You have to be witty and powerful — but kindness and compassion play no role in this game.

You’re out to kill or be killed and the game will challenge the very depths of you, especially as you begin to master your best weapons and the temptation to keep them instead of giving them up so you can continue to level up is a conundrum that is not easily solved.

To move forward, you must take a step backward — because your enemies are always leveling up around you no matter your plan of action — and your great power and casting momentum today is weak and under performing tomorrow unless you sacrifice some safety and security for the risk of important rewards earned from multiple failures.


    1. The game gets even better when you beat the whole thing one time. Then you can play a “New Game +” and get access to a bunch of whole new things without losing your experience levels.

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