I was supposed to be sharing more of Portugal today — but as I am in France this weekend, it seemed to be more appropriate to share five from France.

Firstly, France is Freezing!  We woke up to snow on Saturday morning — first time I have seen it snowing in over four years.

Meet my adopted French family here to celebrate my partner’s 50th birthday:

French Food — Celebration lunch — starters, ready to serve:

French food — Celebration Lunch — seafood waiting in the wings:

And, finally, French Fancies — a selection from the local bakery:


  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely set of memories with us, Nicola! I feel like I’m standing right there next to you and overhearing all the intimacies of your life and family. Superb! Thanks for including us! It’s fun to see it snowing on you — we are unseasonably warm here on the East Coast ! SMILE!

          1. I have been using my iPad for snapshots – without Instagram – butI still cannot get the clarity of a “real” camera. I did get given a new toy for Christmas – a wifi enabled Samsung camera – I have taken some pictures with it – but have not yet got the hang of the wi fi bit – LOL – adds it to the list !

          2. Janna prefers to take photos with her iPad than her iPhone. I think it’s a bigger problem to wrangle with a bigger device, but she likes the larger composition screen.

  2. What a great set of photographs and descriptions, Nicola! I love it! I was worried about the cold this morning but was greeted by a pleasant warmness.

  3. Gordon I shall be travelling home to Portugal tomorrow – back to the warmth – took me by surprise – and the rest of Pau as it was not forecast!

  4. Have run out of room on the comment thread – so will continue here . I quite like the iPad from the composition point of view as well – I am secretly coverting an iPhone so I can take it to all the music gigs I have lined up this year – much easier to conceal than my camera or an iPad !

  5. If I get it yes – need to sort out all the aps and digital rights palava – but I now have a dedicated business advisor in Spain to assist me.

    1. Great! Everything on your iPad should be available on your iPhone. That includes music and Apps and Photos. They should all just sync wirelessly with each other.

  6. Oh my goodness! All of that food and the stuff in the bakery looks so beautiful AND delicious. I absolutely love food and you photos are absolutely wonderful and very well taken. Did you have a special camera that you used?

    1. The bakery is amazing – in order of scrumminess – apricot croissants , pain au chocolate , apple turnovers , croissants ………………. and their chocolate christmas logs are DIVINE.

      Camera is my old faithful Fujifilm Finepix S9600 Zoom Digital camera

  7. Will give you their website – think I have a wrapper or three left in the car! I also have an amazing one I visited in Paris.

    The camera will be six years old in May – it was a 50th birthday present – one of the best presents I have ever had.

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