We did it!  With your help over the last six weeks, Boles Blogs won over one thousand LIKES here on WordPress.com!  We previously promised you we’d keep you looped in on our badges of honor as the days pass along — and today we share with you the results of our hard work and your good reading!

We have made steady and upward progress in the LIKES process with your fine assistance and the current LIKES badge appears right there in our sidebar!

Here’s an odd peek into the search terms readers use to find articles on this blog.  Some of the search terms are curious — but the words do not lie — and they do tend to precisely explain exactly why you see some of the same “Best of Boles Blogs” articles pop up in the sidebar each and every day.

I don’t know if there is a WordPress.com LIKE badge above the 1,000 mark — but we’re going to keep going on and pretending there is in the hopes that someday there will be one.

Until we hit that new milestone, we will continue to endeavor to bring you the best news and the brightest insight and the most biting commentary.  We do not write in a vacuum and you do not connect with us in the valley.  Together, we walk along the primrose meadow in search of higher meaning and deeper cohesion in our shared lives.

We thank you a thousand times for our lives of a thousand LIKES!


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