We discovered an oddity with the premium Elemin theme we are using here on WordPress.com:  You could not search our articles using an iPhone if we turned off all the “mobile-specific” theme displays.

Elemin, by default, puts the search box in the upper left header.

That search box does not display in Elemin’s “mobile friendly” mode for the iPhone on WordPress.com, so we removed the Search box from the header and added it to our Sidebar as the first dedicated widget.

Here is the CSS code we used to remove the Search box from our header:

.header-search-form {
display: none;

Now all iPhone users can scroll to the end of our page to see our widgets — and Search will be the first one available.

We apologize for this oversight.

We thought if a Search box was embedded in a template as part of a WP.com theme, you could see it in all “mobile friendly” views, and we were sorry to learn that is not the case.


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