1.  Drug Laws Are Fair

2.  We Must Always Help Each Other

3.  The Boy Scouts of America are All-Inclusive

4.  Terrorism Only Happens on Foreign Soil

5. The Salvation Army Are Good People

6.  Student Loans Are There to Help You

7.  Politicians Want to First Do Good

8.  Doctors Will Not First Do Harm

9.  The Disabled Are Not Criminals

10.  Cats Live Forever


  1. I too want to believe. I like that scouting organization you linked. I got really irritated this morning when I heard someone say, “Well they don’t allow people to carry guns anymore, so they use bombs now!” as if one necessarily led to the other, and as if guns actually were now illegal in this country.

    1. I was big into Scouting for most of my young life. Now that I look back and realize who and what they have always historically hated, I am saddened by my unwitting association with them.

      I do think this Boston bombing will make gun and immigration reform even more difficult: “See? We’re under attack! We need our guns to protect us! Don’t let any foreigners in to give them a chance to kill us!”

      1. I saw some disappointing Facebook rants from high school acquaintances about this exact thing. A quick, uninformed glance at the news and a predisposed hatred of President Obama created a perfect storm of misplaced anger. There is no getting through to them.

        There’s another one: I want to believe that everyone I know is open to other opinions! I do, I do, I do!

  2. David: It’s an odd mix. Obama does generally appeal to the younger crowd, but my township tends to vote Republican, and a lot of people follow the views of their parents. We had a majority vote for Bush in 2004 and for McCain in 2008. Not sure about the 2012 election because we had some drama with “malfunctioning” voting booths..

    1. You’re right about kids just following the lead of the parents. I find that lack of critical thinking pretty sad, though, especially since there are conflicted interests at play.

  3. Those were the days David ……………………… I find it one of the sadder things about getting older – institutions and heroes that you once believed in are not what you thought they were – and whats worse in some cases never were.

    1. It is a reckoning of sorts — looking back and what you used to believe was divine and true — and the hard reality of learning none of it was…

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