2013 is finally winding down and, I hope, away from our convenient memories forever.  When I think of unlucky 2013 — as I write this article on a blackened Friday, December 13, 2013 — I can’t get images of Miley Cyrus off my mind as I try to reflect on the year that was.

It felt like Miley ruled us all year long with that obnoxious coated tongue — you couldn’t turn around without getting licked! — and I think we’d all prefer to see her wind the white back into her mouth.

Our politics didn’t fare much better than Ms. Cyrus.  The obstructionist Republicans in congress were happily biased against our first Black President — and so we all had to watch the GOP try to bring down the man because of his skin color and not his deeds.

In many ways, Barack Obama is what a true Republican used to be — and watching radical liberals forced into supporting his policies because they loathe the Racist attacks on his character — is something the history books will reek of when cracked opened in a century.

We also had a “Do Nothing Congress” that only wanted to punish the people while collecting a paycheck paid with taxes.

If the GOP really wanted to be above the fray, they would have served for free, turned down any and all healthcare and perks, and set a real example of a properly suffering public service Republican.

2013 also churned in a fetid stasis — with lots of gunshots leading to early graves — as folks also worried about their jobs and the economy and the future of the republic.

There weren’t many new ideas that led us to higher thought, and so we were left to our own minds to divine a deeper meaning in an ever-coarsening world.

The one bright moment was Obamacare.  Having safe and healthy people is a prime responsibility of any government, and Obama had the guts to stand by his electoral mandate and get the job done.

Obamacare will only grow stronger and better with time.  His legacy is secure.

The good news is that 2014 is coming straight at us.  We have a budget agreement for the next couple of years, and we all hope that will mean things will simmer down a bit in Washington, D.C.

Alas, we also have a midterm election heading our way — so the heat will be turned up again — and we’ll be bombarded on television with political advertising telling us how awful our lives are, and how we deserve more, but how there’s no more money left to pay for any of it.

Bring on 2014!


  1. Thank heaven I do not live in the USA – thank heaven I do not have to live with “the tongue” – in fact the only place I see it is here ……….. now pass the mind bleach please.

    what a bleak picture you paint ……… there has to be more to 2013 surely ?

    1. Yes, so depressing! I personally had a grand year, but looking at the state of the nation and our politics and our “creative culture” — it seemed like we were just spinning in circles and getting licked every time we looked around!

  2. shudder – just heard my bete noire Mr William is coming to Rock in Rio next year in Lisbon ………. the shall we shan’t we discussion has already started – I am in the No camp – but Mr P’s family may be coming ………

    Glad you had a grand year – that is important …….. shame on the USA for having a lackluster time.

    1. Heh! Love the “shall we shan’t” we discussion! Can’t wait to see how it all falls.

      It’s odd having a good personal year, but one in which the country suffers so miserably, and now with the GOP non extending federal unemployment benefits… it is really going to get painful for over a million people without jobs.

  3. I will let you know when a decision has been reached ………. this one could run right up to the night in question !

    it is indeed a miserable time for those without jobs – and with falling benefits – I know many are suffering in the UK – that figure of a million without jobs, is that the NYC area alone or statewide or country wide ? I can remember the times of three million unemployed in the UK – that was a very dark time indeed.

  4. the stoppage of benefits – which presumably have been contributed to by means of taxes etc is pretty shocking. I like the way it is being bought down to local – people can comprehend it at that level – it is close to home.

      1. That makes grim reading – and at the worst possible time of the year for families – not only the pressure of the dreaded Christmas – but a time when fuel supplies are essential and heating is needed.

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