It’s that time of year again for 2013 reflection and to get set for racing into 2014 and the New Year, and that means we are pleased to announce the — Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 4 (2013)now for sale on Amazon!


Over the years, many of you have asked for a way to promote the ongoing publication of Boles Blogs and to also have a way to read some of our best writing when you’re offline.  The solution has been a “Best of” series of books published by Boles Books Writing & Publishing that we sell on Amazon for your reading pleasure.

Here’s the PR blurp I wrote for the start Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 4 (2013):

Welcome to this year’s edition of — the “Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 4 (2013)” — where we provide you with a unique, redacted and added value reading experience from the vast trove of article publications written at over the last 12 months. This electronic edition brings you the best writing of the year by David Boles into a single publication for easy reading and referencing.

These articles are selected and curated for your enjoyment. Only the best and most effective work appears. Every sale of this electronic book get turned right around and reinvested in our server and bandwidth hosting costs so we may continue to create new on-the-record truths. We could not survive without the great spirit of your support here and in our comments stream and social media memes.

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We appreciate your interaction and engagement for everything we do here.  We’re all about recording the truth, and we need your mindshare to help make that happen.

As we move forward into 2014, we will look forward to interaction to help us to find out what’s important, what’s moving you, and what is catching your attention.

Please always feel welcome in sharing your thoughts and feelings in the article comments stream, using our Contact page, or finding us on Twitter or Facebook or Google+.

We thank you!


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