Today, thanks to you, we celebrate yet another milestone here on Boles Blogs: We have surpassed the 1,337 Followers mark!

Here’s the latest morning addition to our WordPress.com Trophy Case:

Getting Followers on WordPress.com is definitely a challenge.  It’s much easier to earn Facebook LIKEs and get Twitter Followers than it is to find WordPress.com Followers.

WordPress.com Comments and LIKEs are also an easier get than racking up the Followers count.

Followers are hard-won on WordPress.com because they take action.  You just can’t Follow, you have to sign up and then confirm you want to Follow and then you are Following — and some decide to stop Following because they don’t want to keep up — and so the flow between the Follower and the non-Follower can be transitive and hard to pin down as a blog publisher.

We know there’s no such thing as a coincidence, so all this current week of Boles Blogs record-setting is certainly directed by our most recent Freshly Pressed win last week.  The Freshly Pressed Effect is real and substantial!

As we continue to press forward into the unknown, we hope you’ll stick with us and LIKE us and Follow us if you are not.  You can get Boles Blogs updates — and other fresh, interesting news and bits of life throughout the day, every day — on Twitter via @DavidBoles or on our Facebook Page or on Google+.

Stay in touch with us and let us know what you’re thinking and what type of articles and investigations you best like to read.  Your feedback and promises are the sort of binding dedication we intrinsically value because the internet crafts these missions between peoples across the world.  We appreciate your participation and the accessing of your mind and memories. Together, we can begin to make sense of what is quickly becoming an ever-madding world.


    1. Yes! What a fun and amazing start to 2014. I’m not sure what other milestones are left for winning and breaking, though — it may all be downhill from here. SMILE!

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