It is important we are always learning and always keeping our minds keen and inquisitive.  There are some evil efforts among us to dumb us down, to keep us complacent, and to make sure we cease to question authority and just place our blind belief in certain people to lead us.

In order to keep, and hone, our personal power in the world, we must always be considering ideas and deconstructing new memes for multiple examinations.  The mainstream media doesn’t really help with this learning process.  They serve up pabulum for easy, and carefree ingestion, but it never quite sits right inside you if you ever question precisely what it is you’re being fed.

It isn’t enough to just learn and keep it to yourself. You must propagate the truths you discover even if they are unpopular — that’s the way of our New Media World on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.  Risk losing friends or followers or associations if what they’re spouting doesn’t make sense to you in the end mesh analysis.

Learning new things is also a protection against disease:

At these connections, nerve cells communicate using tiny electrical signals and pulses of special messenger chemicals. Your brain codes everything you know in patterns of nerve cell connections and the strength of the cell-to-cell signals. Learning something creates a new pattern of connections and makes certain signals stronger.

At every moment of the day or night, millions of messages are speeding through your nerve cell communication pathways, enabling your brain to receive, process and store information and to send instructions all over your body.

The easiest way to keep your mind engaged is to read everything your eye can find and then discuss what you think about what you read.  Ask questions. Listen for answers. Seek active engagement.

Social Media is also a fine way to engage like and dissimilar minds — the over 40 group needs to giddyap and get involved and online in much greater numbers so they can begin to matter again to the whole.

Sharing updates with people can call up your defenses and may recoil you against the barriers of what you think you thought you knew. Sometimes you learn more from disagreeing with someone than you do nodding your head against like minds.

Social Aestheticism is the goal. Be a part of society while questioning its prejudices and circumstances.  Are we living up to the promise of our lives? Or are we slipping back into antipathy and avarice?

Think. Question. Learn.

Those are the mandates required of a modern mind and must be employed in every situation. Even on our deathbed, along the way to the grave, we must always be seeking answers to our inquiries and to craft understanding with our last inhalation, and share what we just figured out with the final sigh.


  1. I heartily agree – the day I stop learning will be the day I die – if not physically certainly spiritually and mentally

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