Yesterday, I was fortunate to watch a live Memorial Day weekend performance in Union Square in New York City. The performers were wild and quite enjoyable and I have some video tidbits of the event to share with you.

Here’s the first bit of video.  The performers can be a little rude and crude, but that’s the price you pay for a free show in NYC.

Here’s part two of the performance.  About halfway through, my camera begins to tear the video in the lower left hand screen.  Not sure why my iPhone 5S did that, but it’s part of the original file, so it isn’t a Vimeo transfer problem.  Maybe my phone was hot from overuse?

I hope you have a great end to your Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Great job, Janna! We appreciate you taking the time to record this for us.

    The video tearing is odd. We’ll have to look into that — but the video works just fine with that technical oddity!

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