What has now become a beloved annual, and highly anticipated, event, we are delighted to announce that this year’s edition of the — Best of David Boles Blogs, Volume 5 (2014) — is now available for purchase! This marks our fourth David Boles Books Writing & Publishing book published in 2014! Please read on to learn how you can help us continue to publish this blog into 2015 and beyond!


Here’s the PR blurp from the introduction to the Best of David Boles Blogs, Volume 5 (2014) collection — emphasis added:

Welcome to this year’s edition of — the “Best of David Boles Blogs, Volume 5 (2014)” — where we provide you with a unique, redacted and added value reading experience from the vast trove of article publications written at BolesBlogs.com over the last 12 months. This electronic edition brings you the best writing of the year by David Boles — including two recently discovered bonus articles from Howard Stein, plus new insights and new works from Janna Sweenie! — all blended into a single publication for easy reading and referencing. These articles are selected and curated for your enjoyment. Only the best and most effective work appears here.

Every sale of this electronic book get turned right around and reinvested in our server and bandwidth hosting costs so we may continue to create new on-the-record truths. We could not survive without the great spirit of your support here and in our comments stream and social media memes.

We thank you for your ongoing support of our writing effort.  We’ve been at this pioneering online writing effort since the early 1990’s and we appreciate you reading this with us now, tomorrow, and forevermore!

We are certain 2015 will be another strong and vibrant publishing year!


    1. Ha! Yes, these “Best of” books do take some time — and they help focus and re-energize the process in every way — because at the end of the year everything counts again. Thanks for being part of this edition!

  1. Hello David. I am not always able to comment on your articles, but I do always try to at least like them so you know that I’ve been here. Congratulations on the new book, and all the other books you’ve published this year. That is a long haul. I support you, and your work here, and please know I am always around. I always buy every book to keep things going. Please keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Anne! Yes, I know you are always here with us an available as, and when, needed! I have appreciated your friendship over these many years and I am delighted you are buying our books! That means a lot to us and if you need anything, you know where to find us — right here and ready to go!

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