We are pleased to announce the third “Boles Book for…publication in the last three weeks: Boles Book for the Modern Publishing Paradigm! Yes, it’s been a busy 2015 so far with four — yes four! — Boles Books published in the last four weeks; and seven — yes seven! — published in the last four months!


Volume 2 in the “Boles Book for…” series of learning precis — Boles Book for the Modern Publishing Paradigm — examines, in manifesto form, the various ways we have tried to preserve our human truths in antiquity and today from the Alexandria Library to the Town Crier to Blogging to Social Media and the Next Wave and all around back again!

Here’s a bit of the book for your biting:

Human truths cannot be abridged or debrided — unless we communally allow that to happen; and it happens slowly, over time, like the water droplet striking the stone. First, there’s no evidence of loss of mass or mattering. Then, there’s a smoothing followed by a small indentation.

Later, a hole forms, creating a new entry point and access for additional overflow, and in that subtle undermining is the overwhelming fact that what was once solid and protective is now nothing more than a sieve with a different purpose that no longer strikes the best interest of your intellectual defense.

The right of proof-of-concept was worn away and the worst is now the common standard and it happened, not overnight, but across many years where only the vigilant and the faithful would care to notice.

We have watchdogs and warning signs for a reason — the job of the sentry is not to defend, but to sound a general alarm so the rest of us may come rushing to the defense of an ideal in jeopardy — but we’ve become so lazy and disinterested in fighting for verifiable facts by third parties, that we’re perfectly fine accepting whatever lie is presented as the truth as long as it doesn’t interfere with mealtime our out broadband access to the internet.

We thank you for your grand support and interest over the last few decades of writing and publishing and we will always endeavor to bring you the best and the brightest of the world as we discover it in the truth around us.

We have more human conundrums to share and we’ll let you know when the next “Boles Book for…” volume is ready for your eyeing!



    1. It was a joy to write. Yes, the topic is complicated — and there should be some experience brought to the topic before reading. This is a book more for publishers than for consumers.

  1. Right! We can get right to the manifesto — in a learning precis form — without having to backtrack over, what should be, common knowledge and experience that a publisher already has in the mind.

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