Today, we are pleased to announce the first volume in the new “Boles Books for…” series of learning precis: Poetics and the Dramatist!  This Boles Book will help both the amateur dramatist, and the seasoned professional, learn how to best use Aristotle’s Poetics to build a better dramatic piece!


Here’s a byte from — Boles Book for Poetics and the Dramatist — and the entire book is dedicated to celebrate the grand teaching of both Howard Stein and the great Grafton Nunes:

The Poetics teaching of Aristotle is the most important cornerstone of all modern drama — yet many amateur dramatists have no clue about the who or the why of the teaching. This Boles Book will work with the amateur mind to bring a professional understanding of the Poetics in a real way that can be translated to the live stage or recorded medium. The professional Artist will also benefit from this course of thought in the ongoing endeavor to improve what shall be and what already exists.

We are growing our list of “Boles Books for…” volumes and if you’re interested in joining us as a Boles Book precis series author, please let us know!


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