As the publisher of David Boles Blogs and David Boles Books Writing & Publishing since 1991, I am often asked by others to publish their works.  I’ve always been a little concerned doing that because the only way for me to effectively to publish someone else is exclusively and virtually and not under the complication of paper. Today, I introduce to you, Writing a Boles Book — a precis for learning!


As mainstream hardcopy book publishers are edging into “zero royalty, work made for hire” boilerplate contracts for established book authors — those big corporate guns are pressing excellent authors into the cold wind of taking nothing for something while earning nothing for everything.

I can beat that deal!

It was that very sort of an harassing negotiating experience with one publisher that made Janna and me decide to write our ASL: Day One book based on all the prep work we did for that publisher — who then disappeared from the negotiating table when we settled our terms.

Instead of losing all that hard work, Janna and I decided to take what we’d already written in the pitch process, expand it, and publish the book under our own Hardcore ASL brand name and the rest is love and living!

Now, the next rightful steps: Curation, training and taste must matter to you.

Money cannot be the only matter.  The propagation of ideas from generation to generation rules all machinations and motivations.

My …For Poets book series is an idea that has always been worth pursuing, and so I took that original book pitch as inspiration and decided to lose the Aristotelian angle as being too complex for purpose, and I renamed the “…For Poets” notion into a plainer, but more explainable — “Boles Book for…” — series.  The singular “Boles Book” idea creates a meme, and a signpost, for a new paradigm in virtual book publishing!

Here’s how my new greeting conversations will unfold…

ME:  Hi!  Wanna write a Boles Book?

THEM: What’s a Boles Book?

ME: (I’m in… as I set the pitch!)

If you’re interested in writing a Boles Book, you may pitch idea of your own, or ask us to find a topic for you. When when you’re ready to start the writing and submission process, you should purchase Writing a Boles Book to get fully up to speed on the process of how to write a Boles Book. Yes, that $3 will tell all!

A typical Boles book sits between 5,000-10,000 words — so you could write one in a weekend!

I will continue to write and publish here on Boles Blogs and on Boles Books and elsewhere everywhere — we’re just getting started! — so watch out as this new year blooms into a history you’ll want to be a part of in antiquity suspended in amber!

You can only be a pioneer once.

Your future is ringing.

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