More Apple Consumer Harassment

I’ve had my fill of Apple customer support and AppleCare and Takedown Threats from Apple, but part of the residual tide from reporting on those uncomfortable experiences is the private feedback I get from our readers.

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The Bully Governor

How did Chris Christie get elected governor of New Jersey?  Why would the people elect a bully in a suit who secretly caters to big business while publicly cutting the lifelines of the working class and the less fortunate?

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Beating the CyberBully

If you have an online life, you know the CyberBullies are stalking around you.  They send you hate mail or leave anonymous/faked comments on your blog.  They hide their identities because they are not brave enough to own their own words.  They live in the muck and tar of disease and depression and they are not happy unless they can try to bring you down to their sycophant level. 

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