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Streaming Textbooks

Textbook publishers are fighting against self-anointed “Open Source” warriors that copy the text of their books and then place them online for torrent downloading so students can use the books without having to pay for them.

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Lecture Notes and Copyright

Anything an instructor says or presents in a classroom belongs solely to the instructor and not the university or the students.  This innate invocation of the right to Copyright original spoken and written material belongs solely to the mind creating the information: The Instructor.

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JK Rowling Wrongly Claims Harry Potter

JK Rowling — author of the Harry Potter books — is trying to quash
competition and publication of analysis in the form of an encyclopedia
dedicated to divining meaning in the series. Rowling feels Potter belongs to her and not the world. She is wrong.

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Stealing Student Content

The University of Iowa’s famous Writing Program is under fire from its graduate students — and the creative world at large — for its new “Open Access” philosophy of publishing creative works of its students on the internet to be found and indexed by Google and other search engines.

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Publication and Copyright Ownership

Few university faculty realize when they submit a paper for publication they are giving away their right to their Copyright.

members will submit research papers to the repository often unaware
that they have signed away the rights to their work to a journal
publisher, Ms. Davis said. “They are stunned that they have not
retained the copyrights,” she said. “They’re vehemently adamant” that
they still have rights to the work.

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Own Your Copyright

In my article — Writing Advice for Authors — I implore all authors to demand, and get, Copyright in their name from their publishers.

Agents and publishers will tell you Copyright in your name doesn’t matter — yet many publishers will fight you to the death to keep the Copyright in their name and not yours.

Why do publishers demand to own your Copyright when you do the writing?

Why do authors allow publishers to own their Copyright?

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Does Copyright Matter?

With the advent of online publication, does Copyright matter any longer?  With RSS feeds spewing new content into the world directly every day can a person claim Copyright to their original material if they are unable to enforce their right and prosecute infringement?

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