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Pink Floyd Royalties Fight Reflection

Pink Floyd won a tremendous victory in court this week against EMI, their record company.  The trouble at issue was EMI’s “unbundling” of Pink Floyd albums to sell individual album tracks on services like iTunes instead of requiring consumers to purchase the entire album as required by their contract with the band. 

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Tynt Insight Content Protection

Intellectual theft has come far in the last century. I can imagine that the idea of taking an article from a newspaper and passing it off as ones own must have been daunting in the late nineteenth century — and surely something that people would not have been so eager to do given the lack of incentive. Now, however, it is too easy to select an entire article with your mouse, copy it, and paste it into your blog — and throw your name on top of it.
Tynt helps you control the copy thieves.

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The Indignant Infringer

Yesterday, we shared the story of catching a Copyright Infringer red handed.  Today, we share the result of that contact with the content thief in an everlasting and ongoing fight against the stealing of our written property by complete and utter dullards.

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Catching Copyright Infringement

It never gets old catching Copyright infringers and yesterday was no exception.  There is a sheer disgust and yet also a shared, Panopticonic, delight in catching another website red-handed copying and pasting and re-publishing your writing without your permission.

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Pixel Ownership and the Associated Press

What is wrong with the Associated Press?  In the example below, the AP is making an insane claim of a photographic image Copyright violation against the Obama poster artist.

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