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Letting Friendships Die

I have heard more stories about dying friendships than I thought. Someone I know would tell me that they dreaded the idea of seeing someone, because they didn’t enjoy the stories that the person tells or, for that matter, how the person behaves. I have to ask them why they bother hanging out with that person if they don’t enjoy spending time with them and the answer almost always comes back the same — they have known them for a great number of years (15, 20, sometimes more) and they don’t want to ruin a long friendship after everything that they have been through.

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Vindication in Their Death: Six Apart Goes Six Feet Under

Mena Trott dropped the other shoe just now as she announced Six Apart is dead, and gone, and Six Feet Under.  I printed out her blog post and I’m dancing on it as Six Apart’s non-virtual, paper, grave:  We Are Vindicated in their Death!

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My Apple Time Capsule Died Today!

I woke up early this morning only to find my Apple Time Capsule had up and died sometime between Midnight and 5:00am.  I had been expecting that moment to arrive, but I, of course, hoped I would somehow be exempt from the inevitability of misbegotten electronic parts.

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Oedipus Resurrecting: A Mother Stealing a Dead Son's Sperm

While we are alive, we are free to do what we choose and live with the consequences of our actions. After we have passed away, we would hope that it would not be possible to have choices about our future life made for us. This is precisely why it always bothers me when books are published after the passing of authors — particularly when the author requests that his notebooks be burned after his passing.

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Black and Dead in Omaha

When many around the world imagine the American Mid-West, they think of white picket fences and golden, homespun values.  We, who grew up in the Middling West, know the brutal reality of the Plains states, and here’s evidence of violence against Blacks in Omaha, Nebraska stretching back to September 29, 1919.

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Who Killed Google Wave?

UPDATE August 4, 2010:  I now officially have the answer for my inquiry asked six months ago — Who Killed Google Wave? — and the nayslayer is… Google itself.

I want to know why Google Wave was found dead in its grave and who put it there?  It’s been a couple of months since there’s been any news on Wave from Google.  All the interesting active “Waves” have washed out.  What’s up with the Wave?

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Death of a Cowardly Lion

Ted Kennedy is dead, and in the aftermath of his life, one thing still rubs dark his image as the lion of the Senate and continues to forever stain his legacy with blood:  His cowardly tether to Mary Jo Kopechne.

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