For the Want of a Chinese Mother

I am convinced every American child needs a Chinese mother.  That way, we’ll be ensuring the necessary and obligatory dedication to mind, learning and quantifiable success.  I realize my position may not be a popular one, but after reading this ovaric essay — Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior — I am now all in on the Chinese methodology of raising proper children.

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Another Year, Another Nanowrimo

Every year during the month of November, I attempt to complete the National Novel Writing Month challenge and every year at a certain point in time it becomes clear to me that I will have no way of completing the challenge. This year has been particularly brutal to me in that it is only the 11th of the month and I am aware that, short of a complete writing miracle, or being temporarily stranded on a desert island with nothing but a word processor and necessary nourishment, I will not come even close to completing the challenge.

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The Jolly Rancher Affair in Your Hair

I remember a time when, as a kid, getting candy OUT of your hair was a major, momentary, catastrophe that was only resolvable with a pair of scissors.  The resultant bald patch was your mark of dishonor for playing so poorly with such sticky candy.  I was, of course, curious to read about the recent Jolly Rancher in Your Hair Affair where a mother purposefully put Jolly Rancher candy in her child’s hair and then sent said child off to school for photo day.  Here’s a random image of what “Your Hair in Jolly Ranchers” looks like:

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Ear Pulling and Corporal Punishment in the Classroom

How far to we want to push punishment in the classroom?  With the sad lack of parental discipline today, the construction of the child is left in the hands of schoolteachers.  Do we want to discipline children with only the mind?  Or do we also want a return to the switch?

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Why We Must Forbid Our Children

Our children are not our friends.  We do not live to be liked by our children.  Our children are our vested interest to protect.  Our children must trust us.  We know more.  We are wiser.  We are required to give up our lives so that our children can live theirs in safety, comfort and within the proper context of society.  Parents are born to forbid their children and they must.

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