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26 Cornelia Street

26 Cornelia Street is an apartment house on a street that is exactly one block long in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City. 26 Cornelia is on the right side of the image below and the first of the three green canopies marks the front door. You are seeing the entire length of Cornelia Street in this image:

26 Cornelia Street

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A Killer Hiding in Plain Sight

My recent report on the Jersey City killing of a family turned yesterday when the alleged killer was arrested three miles away. He slit his wrists the day he murdered his sister and two of her children, and then checked himself into Cabrini Green Medical Center in New York City under an assumed name for a “suicide watch.”

A multi-state manhunt over the last month turned up nothing. I’ve claimed here before the criminal mind is a kind of genius that, if turned around, could inherit strength and goodness into the world but first we have to find a way to stop that mind from murdering through its genius.

Mediocrity Knows Nothing

In 1915 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.

Today, in 2005, mediocrity still belittles us all. The world of people are mostly mediocre. The problem is those who are mediocre have no idea of their status: Mediocrity only recognizes mediocrity.

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Cornel West

The other day I was watching America’s Black Forum on ABC Channel 7 in New York from 1:00pm-1:30pm and the discussion between Juan Williams, Julian Bond, Armstrong Williams, John Zogby and Cornel West was a difficult and an important discussion about democracy, The Patriot Act and our role as active citizens.
It was mesmerizing watching how Dr. West pressed for, and ultimately required, an apology from Armstrong Williams for a petulant and disrespectful tone he perpetuated in the discussion against Mr. Zogby. 

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A Curious Return to the Lancasterian Monitorial System

With the rise of exclusive online teaching via WebCT and Blackboard where teacher and student are never in the same room together, we are in a rebirth of a strange form of the 1805 Lancasterian Monitorial System in 2005 and beyond where thousands of students will sit and stare at a flickering image of an instructor standing before them.

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An Open Letter to eKaterina

I was disappointed you so easily let go of your brilliance. It is important for you as an artist to not compromise, to not give in to lesser ideas, and for you to fight for your aesthetic.

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