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The future now is here and you can watch it live, weekdays, on! Yes, Janna and I have taken the deep leap into the world of live streaming and we’re here to tell you all about it. The most interesting thing about going live each day is the idea that social media is really nothing compared to social broadcasting. You are your own station. You are your own dream stream.

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Live from Daryl’s House

Daryl Hall is one of our greatest living talents.  His music is specific.  His melodies are catchy.  He knows how to lead a group — like Hall and Oates — and he knows how to go it alone, as he now does every week in Live From Daryl’s House on Palladia.

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Amplification Made the Live Theatre the Radio

There was a time in the live theatre when actors did not wear microphones.  Actors were required to develop a strong ability to project their voice in song and dialogue.  It was magnificent to hear a live voice singing with a live orchestra.  Today, the actors wear microphones and, for many Broadway shows, the entire orchestra is artificially amplified because the stringed instruments are playing live from a different floor in the theatre and they watch the conductor via closed-circuit television.

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Facebook Powers Betty White onto SNL

When I think of the possibilities of what large groups of otherwise unrelated people can do when properly organized through methods that have only come about since the creation of the various protocols that make up the Internet, many things come to mind. One thing us Anonymous — a group dedicated to liberating people from any perceived oppression — whether it comes from Scientology or the Australian Government. I certainly would have never thought that masses of people would get together to want comedienne Betty White to host the late night comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

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U.S. Steel and The Theatre Guild

There was a Golden Decade in American television between the years 1952-1963 when live theatre performances were aired live on the young ABC Television network.  The show was called — ”The United States Steel Hour” — and it was produced by The Theatre Guild, and we’ve never had such a perfect blending of live performance for a national audience.

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Creating Dramatic Tension

Any performance — live or “recorded live on tape” — is nothing without tension.  The live stage is filled with tension because of its unique requirement of being presented in live time while anything can happen. 

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