When I think of the possibilities of what large groups of otherwise unrelated people can do when properly organized through methods that have only come about since the creation of the various protocols that make up the Internet, many things come to mind. One thing us Anonymous — a group dedicated to liberating people from any perceived oppression — whether it comes from Scientology or the Australian Government. I certainly would have never thought that masses of people would get together to want comedienne Betty White to host the late night comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

Here’s the roots of how it happened:  Last month, a group of people decided that, knowing the rules of the dead zone, it was high time Betty White host “Saturday Night Live.” They formed a group on Facebook called “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!” that went from a few fans to (at this moment) over four hundred and twenty thousand fans.

The mainstream media finally seemed to catch wind of this movement after the Super Bowl, with the funny commercial featuring both White and always seemingly old yet not that old actor Abe Vigoda.

The funny part of this all to me is how “Saturday Night Live” generally picks its hosts, and how this campaign contradicts that process. Generally speaking, hosts for Saturday Night Live are there to promote their new film whereas musical guests have new albums to promote. This has long irked me as there are plenty of talented actors and actresses out there who would be hilarious on the show who just happen not to have anything to promote. Similarly, there are many musicians who would be great as musical guests who have not put out an album in a couple of years.

This movement has therefore been inspiring to me. I was not expecting it to go as well as it has been based on the short term failure of the Coco campaign — I say short term because I fully expect Conan to succeed in the long term thanks to the efforts of the fans involved in the campaign. Rather, the Betty White campaign has been going well enough that Michael Ausiello has reported that the show is close to signing Ms. White to host the show — along with other women — in a special episode about women in comedy.

Naturally, there are some people on the Facebook group discussion groups that are already angry about this compromise, but I say that it is significantly better than not having Ms. White as a host at all. Indeed, the power of the Internet is incredible when used for the good — because nothing would make me happier than seeing Betty White host “Saturday Night Live.”


  1. I thought the whole effort to get Betty on SNL was a little strange and the fact they won’t let her host alone is more insult than honor — so I suppose the strangeness factors match on both sides.
    Betty’s an old pro. She was great on the “Mary Tyler Moore” show and on “Golden Girls” and her live wit and humor are fantastic.
    I also love her lifelong dedication to making animals a better place in the world.

  2. That’s right, David. I wonder if she will ultimately host alone or if they are ultimately fearful that, at “her age” she can’t handle it.
    Betty is great at portraying the sweet older woman who will step on you if you cross her as she did in Boston Legal. Great show, great character for her.

  3. It’s good to see Facebook opinion to be influencing Gordon, hopefully we will see it more in future and for a bigger/ serious cause.
    I remember watching Boston Legal, she was great!

  4. That’s right, Katha! (But what could be more serious than Betty White on SNL? I kid!)

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