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Take Your Children Offline NOW

We need to have a blunt conversation. I realize this may not be a popular article if you have children and you celebrate them online by posting their photos for public viewing.

There has been a lot of talk about protecting children when they are interactively online but I suggest parents take an even larger step backward and realize even one-way interaction where your children are being viewed by people you do not know is just as dangerous to the welfare of your child as an unmonitored online chat session.

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Online Resume Storage

If you are looking for a service company that can store your C.V., letters of recommendation and other important files in electronic form, Interfolio is an interesting company to explore.
Interfolio is a document processing company. You upload files for job applications or research grants or whatever else you need to send out on a regular basis and Interfolio will print and mail your documents for you.

You can also have private letters of recommendation stored in your account. You give your Referees a print out from the Interfolio website and your Referee can then upload their letter electronically or they can hard mail it directly to Interfolio. You will not be able to see the private letter of recommendation online but you can choose to have it printed and sent by Interfolio.
Some people also securely store passport and license copies in their Interfolio account so if they are ever stranded away from their identity papers they can login to their Interfolio account and print out a crisp copy.

I use Interfolio on a regular basis and once you see the magic and the convenience in having the ability to instantly have documents mailed at the click of a button you too will enjoy the ease-of-use Interfolio brings to your life.

Online Honesty

by Maria L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Honesty is not an art, but with time it has become like gold, hard to find it as if such nice quality hides in a cave. Yet most of us would prefer to take the time to meet an honest person; therefore, let us give honesty its denotative meaning, in order to get the right idea and not just the thought of it. By giving honesty its real definition, we are going to face believes vs. reasoning, and this my dear reader is one of the problems because what we believe in is not necessarily the truth or the correct thing to do, to take, or to give. I hope that we are all on the right track.

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