Moodle is the content management system I spent the day installing yesterday to run the new learning module for my ScriptProfessor website and the installation was as painless as promised:

Moodle Installation Confirmation 

 Thanks in advance for the
help and keep checking
for new courses added every day.

Courses will be ongoing and will
repeat often and you choose the when and the how and the why of your
educational experience!


  1. Get the whole kit and caboodle… come see my Moodle.
    Incidentally, I do have a small issue with Moodle. I tried uploading my Carla Doll gravatar several times last night, but it’s not showing up.

  2. Handle my Moodle with care. You can become addicted to it.
    Although, I must admit that I nearly sprayed water on my computer screen this morning when I saw your title for this post. How am I supposed to discreetly surf the Internet while working? 😉

  3. Carla! — You have created the first perpetual Moodle machine!
    Dave! — Thank goodness you’re here! Carla keeps hitting on me with her Moodle. :mrgreen: I hope you had a great trip and I’m happy to know you’re back in the swing of work again.

  4. “He asked for it!” Typical Moodle answer!
    I want to try to get everything organized first with all the course offerings and then I’ll zoom over there and start to build the free “looksee” workshop. That should not stop you, however, from entertaining yourself over there if you wish.

  5. Hey suzanne —
    You’re the first person in two days NOT to get caught in moderation as a Spammer! 🙂 But then moments later Tajuki got caught. Hmmmph!
    Did you see your comment immediately post or did it disappear?
    You shouldn’t need an enrollment key if you go register on the Script Professor School site. Let me know after you do that and I’ll then add you directly as a user to the course. At least that’s how it worked for Carla.
    Oh, and the tip jar is in Carla’s pants.

  6. There you are, Carla! Uh… gosh, suzanne was just asking about your tip jar. I… I was just… pointing her in the right direction…
    Hey… it looks like your comment went right through! Did it look like that for you? I did not have to clear you on my end.

  7. It must have been your healing touch, suzanne! Carla should have done it but she’s been obsessed with touching her tip jar all day!
    Yes, the free “Writer’s Workshop” will be ongoing and I’ll just restart the course as necessary. I just added you to that course so you should not need to use the enrolment key. Let me know if you have any trouble getting in!

  8. Oh, I’m so glad the comments are posting by themselves again — these last few comments are getting too sticky to handle!
    Good to know adding you to the course worked, suzanne! Thanks for telling me it worked.

  9. Yeah, I think I’ll back off now! 😳
    I’m almost done for the day at work anyway. It’s just been a sloooooowww day, so I’ve had lots of time to be naughty! 😉

  10. Yeah, I think I’ll back off now! 😳
    I’m almost done for the day at work anyway. It’s just been a sloooooowww day, so I’ve had lots of time to be naughty! 😉

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