Eastern Mountain Sports Customer Service Stumbles and then Recovers

Eastern Mountain Sports are a big company specializing in niche sporting clothes and other outdoor things.  I like EMS high performance socks because they wick away moisture and pad your feet in all the tender places when you’re breaking in new shoes.  The socks I buy from EMS are expensive — over $20 a pair — but the high monetary cost is offset by the total comfort and conditioning they provide to feet that are always in motion on the rough streets of New York City.

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Divorcing Amazon Prime Because of A-1 Courier Services Cheating

UPDATED:  August 11, 2010
A representative from A-1 Courier Services, moments ago, just posted an “anonymous” comment on this article.  I replied to “joe blow” in the comments stream, but I also want to be on-the-record here, in the article proper, with the evidence of A-1’s continued betrayal and deceit as a company.

Here is a screenshot of the comment notification email.  Notice the IP address and the resolution of such as “mail.aoneonline.com” and also notice the name and email address are also faked.

Doing a public lookup for — IP: , mail.aoneonline.com — provides this result for that IP address:

Amazing, isn’t it? Why did A-1 bother faking their identity?  Why not provide a cogent and rational comment that would be on-the-record for everyone to read?  I believe that behavior to falsify is powerful, public, testimony against what sort of company A-1 really is in the continued analysis of evidence.

Amazon, we have a problem.  For years, I have given you the best years of my life and thousands of dollars.  I rely on you to bring me music, food, household supplies and pretty much everything else I buy to live a life in a shrinking, modern, world — but those days of my reliance upon your nurturing fame and quenchable celebrity are over.  I am currently an Amazon.com Prime member.  I will not renew my Prime relationship with you as I wean away my love to find other online providers who will meet my needs.

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Cyber Monday Meltdown

We all know and loathe “Black Friday” — but I didn’t realize “Cyber Monday” was the first Monday after Black Friday and it is my fault that I wasn’t paying attention the calendar as I wasted an entire day yesterday rassling with Amazon and UPS over missing orders and late deliveries.

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UPS Fails to Deliver

It used to be that if you sent a parcel, you could expect that the parcel would arrive in a timely manner and that the parcel delivery service would be able to give you status updates on the parcel as it made its way along its route. Sure, some packages do get lost but when a company tells you that everything is okay and you can see from the facts in front of you that everything is not okay, it gets extremely aggravating.

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Playing and Losing the UPS Waiting Game

There’s nothing better than talking to a robot on the phone at 11:00pm when you’ve been waiting over 15 hours for a delivery of a vital computer part to arrive from UPS into the root of your urban core.

My advice in defeating the UPS robot call center is to just keep saying, — Agent! — over and over and over again at every prompt until the robot voice lady gives up and chillingly feeds you into the queue to speak to a real live person with the personality of a robot.

In my neighborhood in the Jersey City Heights my regular UPS guy is great.

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