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Word Calluses and the 9/11 Death Pit

Today is the sixth anniversary of the crowning of the Ground Zero Death Pit where the World Trade Center used to stand.

I have written about that life-changing, world-modifying, event every year since the attack and I have come to gruesomely realize there are some dark pits that no words can ever begin to fill.

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Haunted by Words

Sometimes we are unaware of what we have written.

Our words always become ghosts to us and they haunt us in the quiet moments if we are not cogent of their power to harm when we create meaning by solidifying thoughts into form and placing words against each other for context.

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Teasing WordPunk on TypePad

Thank you for reading post and helping me tease on TypePad.

I would appreciate if you’d bang around here a bit and see if you find anything broken or if you there’s something missing that should be added.


More Thoughts on TypePad

I am curious to discover how the new MT4 update will affect TypePad, if at all.  Do we get new features before MT or does the process trickle down in reverse? is the testbed for standalone WordPress so if you’re blogging on the Dot Com version you get to see and experience new features first in an ongoing basis.

TypePad vs. WordPress vs. Blogger Review

This is my second day on TypePad — I’m here to check out how for-pay TypePad compares with free and free Blogger blog hosting.

TypePad feels more like Blogger than WordPress.

The backend administrative interface for TypePad is feminine and designed to appeal to 13-year-old girls. WordPress’ backend is masculine and meaty. Blogger’s backend is industrial and unfriendly.

I do not like how TypePad and Blogger handle images. I have my own server. I want to store my images offsite and I don’t want to dig into HTML to code my image insertions.

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Virtual Internship at Urban Semiotic

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting Virtual Interns here at David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic!

If you are in high school or in college and you want to earn some professional writing experience, we invite you to apply to our Internship program!

Urban Semiotic logo!We are offering Virtual Internships because of the grand success of a similar Intern program at our sister publication, GO INSIDE Magazine.

You can even split your Internship between GO INSIDE and Urban Semiotic if that helps meet your writing needs and your publication desire.
If you are interested in writing with us and in taking advantage of this opportunity to get your work known, get in touch now!

Become an Urban Semiotic Author

If you are interested in becoming an Urban Semiotic Author today is the day to make contact!
Please read our Writing Tips page first to make sure what we require is something you are interested in providing.
If you’re ready to take the step into writing posts, here’s how it will all work:
1. WordPress 2.0 allows us to assign Roles to registered users. The two roles that interest you are Author and Contributor. There are two differences between those roles: Authors can publish their own work at will and also upload files. Most new writers will start as Contributors where their articles will be reviewed before publication.
2. Express your interest in writing via the Contact page and explain what type of articles you plan to write and what topics you plan to explore.
3. You will then provide a brief bio for our Authors page. You may also provide an 80×80 Avatar to accompany your bio if you wish. You will have to email the Gravatar because the code to call the Gravatar from won’t work on the Author’s page. If you do not use a Gravatar, the default Gravatar image here will be provided for you. Authors will generally be listed in alphabetical order by last name.
4. We will add your blog to our Blogroll.
If you have any questions, please post a reply to this message.