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Forsaking the Unholy Trinity: Animal Flesh, Caffeine and Sugar

As an always-foraging Vegan, I was encouraged to read this in the New York Times about eating fake meat that still tastes like chicken:

Would I rather eat cruelly raised, polluting, unhealthful chicken, or a plant product that’s nutritionally similar or superior, good enough to fool me, and requires no antibiotics, cutting off of heads, or other nasty things? Isn’t it preferable, at least some of the time, to eat plant products mixed with water that have been put through a thingamajiggy that spews out meatlike stuff, instead of eating those same plant products put into a chicken that does its biomechanical thing for the six weeks of its miserable existence only to have its throat cut in the service of yielding barely distinguishable meat?

Why, in other words, use the poor chicken as a machine to produce meat when you can use a machine to produce “meat” that seems like chicken?

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The Moo Shoes Vegetarian Shoes Review

I have been a Vegan for a good long while now, and one of the hardest things to get sustainably right as you start down the path of cruelty-free living is landing in proper non-leather shoes.  Enter Moo Shoes, your one-stop-shop for Vegan belts and boots and shoes and bags and such and it is located right in the heart of New York City.

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Why Payless ShoeSource are Shitheels

Please forgive the title of this article.  I know “Shitheel” can be an offensive word, but it is the perfect word to describe what happened to me on the phone last night with Payless ShoeSource Customer Service — and the “heel” in a “Shitheel” headline about a rotten shoe company was just too perfect to pass up.  Consider this story the perfect “Shitheel” shitstorm where all the crap in the world swirled into one, massively bungled, Public Relations and Customer Service nightmare and then shat on me.

The day before yesterday, I placed a big order for four pairs of men’s and women’s shoes on for $159.17 USD.  I liked Payless shoes.  Their shoes were cheap and good.  Oh, how I wish I’d remembered why I cannot afford cheap shoes.

The next day, expecting delivery, I went online to check my order status only to be met with this screen telling me my order had been CANCELLED!

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Animal Abuse in the Name of Meat

Every day, anywhere from three to five times per day, we make important choices about the foods we choose to consume. What is going to fill our plates and bowls — beyond meeting the need to keep our bellies full and our nutritional needs met, is anything else important? I would certainly say so, given how much of the food that gets sold ends up in its tidy packaging on the store shelf.

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Blood Type Tied to Stroke Risk

Okay, I admit I almost had a heart attack when I read the news last week that your blood type might just be an indicator as to your natural, pre-wired, inclination to have a stroke or not.

Up until last week, I had been a proud member of the “AB Positive” blood group.  We are a rare breed making up only 3% of the blood types.  We are commonly known as the “universal recipient” where we can take any blood type in a transfusion and not be harmed.  Few know that AB-positive types are also universal plasma donors.

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Wondering About The Caveman Diet

A relatively new breed of dieters out there are looking to lose weight and get in shape by sticking to a simple diet, similar to the kind embraced (by necessity) by the people living in the Paleolithic era.

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Not Vegan Yet? It's Only a Matter of Time

Being Vegan is a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because Veganism can immediately change your health for the better just by changing what you eat.  Vegan is a curse because so many people misunderstand the lifestyle to be some sort or religious radical movement dedicated to upending the red meat tabernacle when it is not.  Veganism is only about making wise food and living choices that enhance and support life.  We don’t condemn.  We encourage.  We offer a better way.  There’s no good that can come from condemnation.

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