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Can a Bar Prevent You from Dancing Because You are too Fat?

There are all kinds of amateur opportunities to prove your talent, many of which are provided free of charge, or sometimes in exchange for your having a drink or two at the bar. For example, there were many people who got to hear my lack of singing talent over the handful of years that I lived in Seattle and went on a regular basis to a handful of karaoke bars and belted out some of my favorite tunes. There were many other people who also sang, some of whom sang far worse than I and yet they were never prevented from doing so.

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No Out of the Closet Employees at Shorter University

According to public data easily accessible through Google’s public data explorer, the current unemployment rate in the United States is 9.1% — and in Georgia it is 10.3%. The reason I bring up Georgia specifically is because of something that is going on at Shorter University, based in Rome, Georgia.

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To Kill a Gay Club, Close All Clubs

Imagine a spoiled child playing in a swimming pool with some friends. He asks one of the other children for a toy. No, replies the child, he has already had a turn with the toy and the other children should be allowed to play with it first. The child responds by taking the toy and submerging in in the deep end of the pool so that nobody can play with it.

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New Orleans Discrimination Against Disabled Children

Is New Orleans a cursed city?  The Katrina Report suggested there is still a deep and lingering discrimination against the ultimate revival of that important, Southern, American, core.  Now we have reports from the field that disabled children are being discriminated against within the urban seawall.

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Four Students, One Lunch, One Revolution

People sit down to eat lunch and it’s really not anything of consequence. Most people don’t notice when people sit down in diners, restaurants, etcetera as it is so commonplace. One would therefore think that it would not have been a big to-do when David Leinhail Richmond, Joseph Alfred McNeil, Franklin Eugene McCain, and Ezell A. Blair Jr. sat down in a Greensboro Woolworth’s to eat lunch. This was not the case, of course — it was 1960 and the segregation ran rampant in these United States — clearly not so united at the time.

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The Actress Dead Zone

If you’re an actress, you already know you face a discriminatory dead zone between the ages of 30-60 years old in the movies and on television.  Some actresses, who truly care about their craft, turn to the live stage to help fill that 30-year career void.

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