If you have an embedded Technorati account set up on your blog and you would like to swap links to support each other, let’s do it!
If you want to link up, please post a comment here or send me a note in email letting me know you forged a link to “David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic” or — if you must for design or aesthetic reasons — just “Urban Semiotic” if that fits better. 

 Please include the URL and the name of your blog you want listed.
I will check your site and then forge a reciprocal link here if I feel the spirit of our blogging efforts are a shared believing.
If you read this and then take the time to post a comment, I’m sure we
won’t have a problem but, jut for the record, I won’t link to porn
sites, advertising sites, sites that use pop-ups, link exchanges or
blogs that are vicious.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about with
“embedded linking” because you’re new to blogging, please visit the Technorati website
and poke around a bit. Or post a comment here to get help.
You can quickly register on the Technorati site to set up an account,
claim your blog, embed the tags in your site, and then you can start to
see who is linking to you where.

Now you may not appreciate all the
links that eventually come your way but that’s okay because every one
of those links — both good and bad — raises you higher in the blog
chain and forges your being into even greater prominence. Remember:
There’s no such thing as a weak link! 

As I mention below in a comment, “The Technorati
service makes it easier to track what’s going in and out [of this
blog] but I realize now it isn’t important to be processed through
there to be linked here.”


  1. It’s all a bit official, isn’t it? I have been watching you for a while (you’re bookmarked) and, if I decide you’ve earned it, you’ll get a link from me, whether you give me one back or not. If you insist upon knowing whether we “share a believing”, I suggest you have a look at this article. It gives a basic idea of where I’m coming from (not that I think you’ll like it – I suspect a variance in our beliefs that doesn’t bug me but might you).
    As for Technorati, I think it picks up links regardless of whether or not they’re from members. What I don’t understand is why it tends to find the links that Google misses and vice versa. It would be nice if it would credit me with the 97 that Google finds. 😉

  2. Hi Gone —
    Yeah, I guess I am making an “official” invitation to exchange links. That’s pretty common in the web world but maybe it just isn’t done in the blog world? 🙂 If I’m being crass, okay, then.
    Oh, well, those who want to exchange links will and those who don’t won’t and it’s all good. 🙂
    Yes, I know Technorati picks up links as it goes but I think it favors member sites over non-member sites — and I don’t blame them since they want to drive traffic — Google is a curious thing to figure out but their new sitemap feature is fantastic.

  3. I’ve been linking to you for a few weeks now. Whether you reciprocate or not, keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Kirk!
    Hey, thanks for the link! I had no idea it was there. I do my best to link anyone I see linking to me via Technorati (just because they make it easy to see reciprocal links) but your link never showed up there.
    I’m glad you said something and you are now linked from the main page and I love your great blog.
    I’m happy to exchange links with anyone who thinks we’re a good fit.
    The Technorati service makes it easier to track what’s going in and out but I realize now it isn’t important to be processed through there to be linked here.

  5. I would like to link to you … I appreciate “good” blogs and try to make mine ‘good’ too.
    Let me know the appropriate way to do this if you want to exchange links. Would I just put you in my ‘link’ section?

  6. Hi Mama!
    I just added a link to you on the main page of this blog and linking back from your site as you suggest is perfect!
    Thanks! 🙂

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