Give me ten minutes to chat with these ten women in person and I guarantee we will be lifelong friends forever because their aesthetic spirit is strong and striking:

Natalie Portman and Alanis Morissette

 Natalie PortmanAlanis Morissette

Liz Cho and Elisha Cuthbert

Liz ChoElisha Cuthbert

Zhang Ziyi and Sania Mirza

Zhang ZiyiSania Mirza

Nicole Kidman and Alicia Keyes

 Nicole KidmanAlicia Keyes

Catherine Deneuve and Sean Young

 Catherine DeneuveSean Young


  1. It’s always interesting to see a list of women that any particular guy finds enticing. I have my list that plays itself out on the pages of my blog. I’m sure others have their lists as well.
    I find that most women with a strong aesthetic spirit are often extremely intelligent. It shows through in their work and makes them even more appealing. Without intelligence, it is hard for me to keep considering them “beautiful.” It’s what gives many of the best supermodels that “spark” in their eyes that jumps out from their photographs.
    It would be interesting to hear from women if they have a list of guys that they’d like to talk to for 10 minutes.

  2. Hey Chris!
    I have seen and enjoyed your website full of beautiful women and it was a surprise when I first visited you. I thought I’d find law articles and position papers and I received a different eyeful instead!
    You’re right about these women exuding great intelligence and that is, indeed, quite appealing.

  3. Doing a law blog would be too much like work.
    All my passion for law is used up at work, so it would be hard for me to get motivated to write about it for pleasure during my free time.
    Plus, there are already many great law blogs out there that do an excellent job covering all sorts of issues. I’ve been helping out with the Indiana Blog Review and I think a majority of the bloggers that produce the most content are involved in politics, newspapers or the legal field. The IBR’s address is (I posted a comment recently that referenced your post about making negative history in the urban core.
    I stumbled into my blogging pattern by accident. When I started out, I was blogging about anything that I found interesting. I had a post or two about Karrine Steffans and hits started coming in. I enjoy the subject matter and kept blogging about it and other related areas. The hits keep building now that the blog is being indexed regularly.
    Passion has been a key to having people seek out my blog and having a subject matter that I can feel passionate about helps make it personally rewarding.

  4. Aesthetic spirit… This assumes that you actually know something substantial about these women. Which, unless you actually know them personally, you don’t.
    What you know about them has been distilled through their work — their films and/or music, and their publicity-machine fodder. It’s their job to create a media persona. Maybe some of what’s come through is true, but it’s foolish to assume how much. It’s like saying you know your mechanic intimately because you’ve watched him work on your car.
    No argument with the choices; all the women above are easy on the eyes. But I’d never presume to know what they’re really like.

  5. Chris —
    I’m with you on blogging needing to be fun! Huzzah!
    That’s why I don’t tolerate B.S. here because this blog isn’t work – okay, it’s work but it isn’t a job — this is where I go to relax and have an interesting chat with my friends. I have enough B.S. waiting for me in all my other open browser tabs that I have to honor and cajole and pretend to like and… sometimes… even eat!
    Hey, I really like the Indiana Blog Review. Nice stuff there and thanks for the link!
    Writing about beautiful women will always bring in the hits!
    Oh, yeah, we’re with you on the passion, part, Chris, because as you know, Blogging with Passion & Magnitude is our middle name:

  6. CT —
    Aesthetic spirit doesn’t assume anything — it is embedded in the performances which cannot be faked and in interviews that may be edited but not made false in the core of the person speaking.
    You don’t have to know a person in person to personally to know them. I’ve never met President Bush but I personally know him really well on a deep and fixed level.
    I am confident in my choices and in my ability to perceive the essence of their sprit. As an acting teacher and director and author I have learned and exploited the methods and the framework and even the tricks trade of performance and personality and I can recognize talent and ability and genuine intent as if the person were standing before me.

  7. Hi clem!
    Liz Cho is a local ABC news anchor. She shines from the tube. She’s smart and funny and will be an even bigger star someday soon. Watch for her! He has the magic!
    Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis star. She also plays pool. Her energy is tremendous and powerful yet she is able to remain calm and sophisticated. She is a rare talent.

  8. ok i will watch for them in the future and watch here for more picture stories like this one there are worse things to do on friday than come here and look around

  9. there are so many more flattering photos of natalie portman you could have used…. not all necessarily from star wars 😛

  10. Hello Gordon!
    I picked that image of her for a reason: It shows her pure beauty!
    Hair is overrated.
    Passion and sexuality and aesthetic and the merits of intellect are all shown in the eyes and looking at Natalie’s eyes you can she how vividly they shine with the love of living.

  11. Just curiosuly, does your wife bear resemblance (physically or in aesthetic spirit) to these women? I have to admit I only knew of about half of the women, however based on the pictures alone they all seem to exude passion for life and depth of soul.

  12. Jonathan2 — WordPress moderates on both name and email matches when you have it set to moderate first time commenters only. I’ve had “regulars” get put into moderation when either their name or email gets misspelled or changes…
    You ask a provocative and interesting question about these women compared to my wife! I am fond of moist olive skin, wafting cinnamon hair and gooey chocolate eyes for some reason — probably because most of the women I grew up with were blue-eyed blondes.
    I will let you make your own decision on this matter: Janna in the top three pictures on the page below where she is modeling phrases from our HAND JIVE book due soon from Barnes & Noble publishing:

  13. Jonathan —
    Yah! I think so too! Heh. I have much bigger versions of those images were you can actually dip strawberries into her gooey chocolate eyes…
    Your “First Name Only” thing should work automagically for you in the future now without getting moderated.
    Oh, and which of these women do you not recognize? I’ll fill you in! 😀

  14. Hi Katha!
    Yes, Sania is a favorite of mine. I have a deep respect and glowing admiration for Indian women. Many of them overcome a lot of cultural stigmas and gender inequities to rise to the top.
    A lot of my students on the undergraduate and graduate levels are Indian and they are always brilliant and kind and calm and promote a vibrant and soothing energy that is incredibly peaceful and attractive…
    The Indian men… on the other hand… can sometimes be impossible and haughty and untouchable…

  15. I agree….
    But fortunately I have a few good Indian male friends who are equally open minded!
    I think its just because they feel kind of shaky, as you say – today’s Indian women overcome lot of cultural stigmas….. probably that is making them kind of passive-aggressive….I don’t know….

  16. I am happy to know you have good male Indian friends who respect you, Katha! That is good news!
    When a culture is built to keep one gender down in favor of another but then the repressed gender finds great success anyway while many of the opposite gender suffer in stasis it can make for some deep-rooted resentment in the minds of the narrow-minded who believe to be the superior gender based on birthright alone.

  17. David-
    Its interesting that you feel that you are attracted to women that are different from those you were exposed to growing up. I find quite the opposite that I am attracted to women that share qualities (physically or otherwise) with women I was surrounded by.

  18. Hey Jonathan —
    It’s trite to say the women I am attracted to are “exotic” — with stereotypical dark complexion, hair and eyes — but I find something more connective there with that sort of woman on a raw level than I do with those I was exposed to growing up.
    I realize most of the world lusts after the blue-eyed blonde, but I was over-indulged growing up and that whole status of attraction is not attractive to me.

  19. I’m attracted to the “exotic” women.
    I’ve been exposed to the blonde hair, blue eye women all my life, but I also have been fortunate to have been exposed to a wide variety of people when growing up as an Army brat.
    I’ve found that the exotic women have always acted more interested in me than the stereotypical “Pamela Anderson” types. When I was single, it was the “exotic” women who would pursue me. With most white women, it was the opposite way.
    I think that’s a reason why they are so interesting to me. They like me and I like them!
    The old phrase that opposites attract is very true.

  20. Hi Chris!
    Oh, I’m with you on exotic women and wanting what is not ordinary or familiar — but we have to be careful because if we call a woman “exotic” today they get extremely defensive because we are categorizing them as a caricature.
    I am with you on being beyond the “Pamela Anderson” types and also the “Girl Next Door” type as well!
    I want mystery and depth and intelligence and I always find that in the eyes of a stereotypical “exotic” woman!

  21. A fascinating collection, David. We have markedly different tastes, you and I, but that’s what makes this a wonderful blogosphere.
    Sean Young… wow. Whatever happened to her career?
    By the way, my first visit here, but certainly not my last. (Well, unless I’m struck by lightning this afternoon, or something.)

  22. Hello SwanShadow!
    I think Sean Young became wrinkled and older and suddenly her eccentric personality lost its charm!
    I look forward to having you with us!

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