As we cock our heads skyward to wonder at the jets above us and the beautiful plumes of white they leave behind as godly evidence of their whirlwind trip into the heavens, there are some scientists who believe we are being slowly poisoned by those white plumes — those contrails — by chemicals that are being seeded into the sky in those beautiful, twisting, tufts of man-made trailing clouds.

These “contrail seedings” are being witnessed and photographed across the world. These are not the contrails of our youth 30 years ago. These contrails have purposeful patterns the cross each other and provide angles on other contrail corridors.

The Discovery Channel provided a documentary in February of this year called “Chemical Contrails” that tried to examine this process of seeding the sky with chemicals:

Millions of people have seen them; jet aircraft vapor trails lingering in the sky. Are these just regular “contrails,” the carbon and water vapor exhaust from commercial planes, or are they potentially toxic “chemical trails?”

The March rerun of the Discovery Channel program was suspiciously cancelled. Did the Discovery Channel get too close to the truth and were shut down by the airline industry for inaccurate reporting?

Or did the Discovery Channel prove themselves to be in bed with the industrial military complex by broadcasting shoddy journalism in order to help discredit the theory of — and crush the idea of — “contrails into chemtrails” as a wacky conspiracy theory held by a nutty few?

From Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu:

The material for this ‘investigation’ presented by the ‘Not to Discover’ channel was just as you would expect from a controlled media production. They presented carefully selected material arranged into a purposely crafted design. They started with an easily dismantled, implausible and ridiculous hypothesis from a collection of amateur opinions on chemtrails. The investigation then set the stage for discarding the validity of chemtrails from this bogus hypothesis.

This is the kind of bad ‘science’ commonly implemented to dismantle any information that gets too close to the truth. It’s called discrediting…. I can certainly verify the detrimental health affects from chemtrails in my practice. I see many patients, especially children that appear to be suffering symptoms of irritability, unusual periods of uncontrolled behavior, allergies, asthma, or infection. Instead, I find their symptoms to be a direct result of the heavy metal poisoning they have been exposed to from chemtrail activity. This ALWAYS occurs when chemtrail aerosoling is at high levels.

To the amazement of the parents I give their children what they require for the toxic metals indicated and the symptoms magically disappear. Now they have begun to notice when their children spend more time outside when heavy chemtrail overcast is present these kids begin developing symptoms the next day or even the same day. Of course, skeptics will attribute this to the power of suggestion. For these people I usually recommend continued heavy doses of ignorance to maintain their comfort zones since the ability to recognize observable details repeated with 100% accuracy may be too overwhelming….

There may or may not be something added to the military’s fuel supply but that is not the main issue. The massive aerosoling of the atmosphere is occurring separately from the fuel system. A telling example came from this coverage as was demonstrated when the researchers visited an air tower and witnessed two identified KC-135s making their big ‘X’ chemtrail in the sky. These aircraft have the ability to dispense huge quantities of these chemical solutions at will to create these massive designer clouds. I have personally observed aircraft to literally turn these chemical aerosols on and off like Morse code.

From Santa Fe, New Mexico:

A significant set of observations has taken place. On Mother’s Day and the day following of 2007, another major aerosol operation was conducted over the skies of the Santa Fe, New Mexico region. A more detailed visual examination of some of these emissions has been made; mechanical, artificial and systematic introduction of the aerosols appears evident.

There are two primary observed anomalies at this time: the first of these is the presence of what may be referred to as “core tracks” (ribbon-like; possibly filamentous in nature) and the second is the repeated presence of a characteristic “pulse” emission. The behavior and character of these anomalies is now being presented and an adequate basis for further examination exists with this article.

These characteristics are completely out of accordance with any claims of meteorological discontinuities in the atmosphere, any uniform fluid or gas dynamic analysis, and any unmodified combustive process. It is apparent that distributions of discrete material into the atmosphere are taking place.

From an observer in Portland, Oregon:

Through the night and into the morning and throughout the entire day our blue sky was transformed into a sickly white fake cloud cover. Contrails, contrails, contrails and contrails over contrails. Gruesome otherworldly configurations but it isn’t just the visual insult. These contrails removes the sunlight and deprives us of vitamin D which results in more and more kids being diagnosed with rickets and other vitamin d deprived conditions. Solar panels aren’t working well, trees are dying and agriculture is being affected. our water supply is laden with the chemical aftermath of this continuous and ruthless spraying.


It was the day that we discovered that Jets were flying above, on an almost daily basis, leaving pervasive persistent contrails behind. These are not normal contrails that usually disappear within seconds, but contrails that lingered, increased in size, and formed strange cloud-like patterns in the skies overhead.

These jets could, within 3-4 hours, cover the entire sky in a white haze that eventually descended to earth. The contrail patterns form irregular shapes and designs in the sky as well, increasing in size and design shapes, or changing into chemical man-made clouds, brown clouds, or yellowish dry brown fog.

The jets you will see are not joyriding, as has been suggested, but are performing highly ritualized and specialized patterns. (Who has the funds to pay for the chemicals, the pilots, the number of different types of jets who can fly 24 hours per day over our county, the mechanics, the support personnel, and the radar capability, etc?) One of the typical patterns, almost seen daily over Ukiah, California, is shown below.

What do you think is happening in the skies above us?

Is there a dedicated effort to seed the skies with chemicals that look like contrails but are really substances that can strip trees of their leaves and cause asthma in children?

Is the military testing terrorist theories in the skies to see what effect certain chemicals might have on the rest of us on the ground?

Is poisoning the sky one way of controlling massive amounts of people with chemicals meant to kill, disarm or inoculate? What defense do we have from invisible attacks raining down upon us from the heavens?


  1. This was one of the most interesting articles I read here in a long time. No offense. I’m surprised no one wanted to comment on it. We have no protection from the sky. Now that’s scary stuff.

    1. Don’t say scary. Don’t make “them” think you are scared. Act upon it and fight it with all your might and power. Call you local reps, senators, other places and talk about it all the time. Distribute leaflets, use usernames online such as “Chemtrails”. Do everything you can every minute of your life. The sooner we stop this madness, the less damage to pour body we will receive from these poisons, such as aluminium, barium etc.

  2. I, too, was surprised by the lack of comments on this article. I guess it’s hard to wrap your head around that a government is doing open tests in the sky against us to test results. This article was in the making for months and it took forever to write — but the research is there. The fury is there. The total fear of incapacitation is there. I’m proud of the piece.

  3. Might be that. Hard to take the truth when it’s focused against you, huh? Still things need to be said and put out there even if no one cares to say anything about it or join the dissent, right. Maybe all your readers are in on the poisoning? Maybe they’re part of it. That’s why they didn’t comment. You can never know. Just keep going.

  4. The images in this article make me sick. I’ve never seen patterns in the sky like that. Ever. Sure looks like some kind of major plan to me.

  5. Same here! I looked at all the images and just went numb. There is a pattern and a plan to the contrails. Why? What’s going on? What is being tested against the wild blue yonder down our throats and in our noses?

  6. I find I get a mild headache , mild sore throat, the sniffles, and lower energy
    whenever the atificial cirrus clouds are present. Very rare to see a day go by now without them. Notice how blue and beautiful it was on July 4th 2007 ?
    I guess they dont want to pay the pilots holiday pay. 🙂
    I heard Bentonite clay helps a bit to rid the body of these heavy metals.

  7. Hi wake up people!
    Thanks for the fine comment.
    How long has this sky poisoning been going on?
    Do you eat the clay? Is it a pill? How does it work?

  8. Chemtrailer Shootdown was the headline i saw in my dream last night. somebody took a Stinger to those Top Secret flyboys. finally a discussion in congress and the media began.

  9. David sorry for delay…haven’t been on this site since I posted. Bentonite is taken orally on an empty stomach mixed with water. It is an expanding
    clay when mixed with water. It acts like a sponge to heavy metals because of its electrical charges act like a magnet. It goes right through you without digesting. Health food stores sell it in a liquid . It has almost no taste. I also recommend Dr Mercola site for help on supercharging your immune system. The fittest of the fittest will survive!

  10. The aerosol assault has been recognized from around 1998 proggressively leaving more and more trails each year as we become acustom to them …but they seem to be going heavy this year. Go to ‘You Tube’ search for and build one of these : Cloudbuster or Chembuster . Do your part to stop this Multibillion $ United Nations spraying program. Cost about $150.

  11. I must say never paused to think about it, usually it’s just the noise of the engines people complain about.
    But the idea is frightening that we are completely exposed to the emissions and there’s no way to avoid it.

  12. It is a frightening idea, iris, and the fact that these planes are making identifiable patterns in the sky and things on the ground get changed afterward — is cause for concern, if not alarm.

  13. This is a repeat of human experimentation conducted by “big brother”, the “Illuminati”, the CIA, or whoever, useing regular US, Britian, Canadian, and other citizens of our world as guinea pigs.They experimented on us in the 1950s with radioactive fallout by conducting atomic bomb tests on US soil, in the 1960s with LSD 25, other drugs, and mind control experiments. They do not care about our well being,and think we are as indispensible as mice. They have as one of their goals the depopulation of humans on Earth. Much of their knowledge came from Nazi (National Socialist)scientists whom defected to the US, UK, and were given immunity for their knowledge. Many of our major world corporations are in on this scheme. If we do not stop them (we being the middle class), we are in for extinction as they only want two classes (the wealthy and the poor), and three political divisions (North America Union, European Union, and the Asian Union) to deal with.

  14. I have seen these chemtrails in Southern California and in Chicago. They are not normal and have heard they could be weather altering sprays but I’m not sure what they are and why you don’t hear about them on tv.

  15. it happened today over Yucca Valley, CA… saw them being left in the sky and now that evening’s here, there’s a major haze that lowered on the valley… I’m staying inside.

  16. it is weather control stuff.
    nothing special, they destroy rainy clouds.
    this stuff is very toxic, and 100% illegal

  17. John —
    If it’s “weather control stuff” and “toxic” and “illegal” — why is it happening, who is doing it and why isn’t it being stopped?

  18. can’t believe how corrupt our government is. It makes me sick on a daily basis. My sinus’ have never been worse then with these damn fake clouds. Can’t even begin to think what our world is in for.

  19. I have for years tried to warn people, most don’t believe it,,but many are waking up to this and much more..thanks

  20. There has to be some explanation from somebody and soon. Or else there will need to be an intervention. Why is it that I witness a pilot in the sky flying back and forth taking care to cover more area over the city of Portland? It is intentional and the reason escapes me. I’m not sure if they are contrails, chemtrails, or what. I do know there is a reason and it escapes me. We must find out.

  21. I really dont understand how this is being allowed. Its really scary ro be outside for a barbeque and see over 50 trails of this garbage. I guess its another form of population control which is pretty sad. Hopefully something or somebody will stop this before the whole world becomes a land of infection but then aain it seems like it already is

  22. I found your site on a “purposely made contrail” search I did a few minutes.
    I live in Guadalajara in Mexico. I have just recently (about a month ago) become aware of patterned lines in the sky. I don’t know much on the subject, but I do in fact believe this:
    1- It is a new sky effect, this wasn’t happening before and it’s characteritics (parallel or crossed lines, during a lapse of time during the day) make me think it is NOT a natural event, but manmade.
    2- Since it is manmade, and I know planes, airplane fuel and permits to fly aren’t cheap, I know that somebody MUST be spending a lot of money to do this.
    To me it leaves 2 possible options: Either someone RICH is doing something really GOOD, for althruistic reasons OR someone is doing something very BAD for evil reasons.
    Mexico does not have the money or the smarts to be engineering theese things, so why are we seing this here??

    1. Hi Alison —

      Thank you for your important observations. Can you take some images of these contrails and send them to us?

      Are any newspapers reporting what you see?

      Good things are always brought to light — bad things are never mentioned.

      1. Hello there,
        Sorry it took me so long to come back.. I have been watching the skyes here in Guadalajara and have a couple of “good” pictures for you.. where can I send them to?
        I would like to share the observation.
        Thank you, all of you that post, that look up and mostly that agree that THIS is not a natural, usual happening.

  23. hello
    im so fed up of our sky being totally white. its always misty at night when i look through my window and i think is that the poisons and fill me with sadness. i am worried about my family and all human race and creatures, our earth is dying yet they continue to spray.
    i really love this world and all in it and i want it stopped now! but what can i do, ive tried to tell people they just think im nuts i feel so alone in knowing what is happening.
    it is in all our foods and everything even our water is filled with chemicals one for example flouride. i want a pure naturallife but we cant have that, we have no choice to live that way as everything is infected. i do try though to eat healthy etc but it is hard to when your poor you dont have much choice. i have one a lot of searching and a lot leads back to the illuminati/nwo. im not the cleverest of people but i do know what is happening. i just tryto be happy in my day to day life, send out my love to try heal the damage and be positive, it is sometimes hard to do that when your eyes are open to all this but i believe that if all our minds can somehow join up we may be able to stop it, through our conciousness or something like quantum physics, the secret etc. anyway sorry for my rant. your information was spot on. tv stops people from hearing you, they are more ino living in the soaps than interesed in the crime being inflicted upon them, tv is a way to keep us occupied and distracted. im in the uk and our skies are white sometimes were given a bit of blue and a bit of sun.

    1. Thank you for your touching message. I understand your concern. It seems like there’s no escape anymore from the remnants of manufacturing and the Modern Age.

      Is it possible to regain some sanity and safety in our lifetime?



  25. the aluminum and other particulates that make up the chem trails are meant to integrate themselves into all living systems. (see morgelions). Cell towers, smart meter technology, cell phones, digital TV and all other technology using a chips transmit electrical magnetic impulses that degrade DNA and RNA. They also direct our thought process through synthetic telepathy with the use of HARRP technology. Google any of these points and research them while remembering 85% of what you read has been put there to mislead. Eventually you will understand just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

  26. I work outdoors a lot and thus breathe in those poisons from the sky a lot. Several weeks ago I developed a persistent dry cough and occasional fever. Has anyone else got this persistent dry cough?

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