O.J. Simpson is back in our face again!

Has it only been 12 short years since O.J. Simpson murdered two people and provided a showy mockery of our justice system in “the Trial of the Century” that ended up killing Johnnie Cochran as Race become more important than morality?

It seems like 100 years since his crimes invaded our lives. Now he’s back in black and ready to attack as he stands arrested and accused of armed robbery of a memorabilia dealer in Las Vegas. If he chooses to go to trial, we may not have him out of our daily lives for another year.

Is it possible for a Genius Criminal to hide their lifeforce through athletic prowess and handsome features while the true personality — the intimate inner drive that creates those Born To Kill — slowly seeps from the pores like black tar and peppers all the sycophants crowding around the Genius with darkness and despair and tragedy?

How can we identify and prevent those sorts of star sociopaths from creating intimidating footholds in our lives?

If O.J. Simpson goes to jail for this Las Vegas robbery — will he earn a prison cell for his current misdeed — or does the energy of the moral world require him to serve a debt to society for his two murders no matter the means or the method of the crime or prosecution?


  1. Oh Noes, O.J.!

    Double murderer O.J. Simpson is back in the news making an unwelcome return to using his parsing of words to point the blame, not at himself, but rather at others he feels unduly influence him. It is fascinating to watch

  2. Ouch! Now that’s a stinging comment, jaren, though I know there are those in the world who feel as you do.
    They seek and hope for rough justice done when the legal system fails to uphold the right morality for imitation.

  3. This isn’t about black or white or the justice system. IT’s about a spoilt star who thinks he can do anything he wants because we all love him. He is so far into it he has no way knowing that he isn’t fooling anyone. He won’t even be in for a hard fall. He is unable to fall even if he goes down because his ego boost him up.

  4. So why does the media adore him so much, Karvain? Because a murder makes good TV? Because a killer sells television advertising time? Why isn’t he shunned? Why is he welcomed into hotels and casinos? Why isn’t there a greater moral standard — a behavior barrier — that he isn’t allowed to cross into mainstream culture ever again?

  5. Shouldn’t it start here? Why not shun him on your blog? Why give him space and put up his picture?

  6. I’d say this about that, Karvain. We don’t take in advertising here. We also examine these kinds of semiotic issues of power and influence every day on this blog. I understand that by talking about OJ we are bringing more light into his darkness — but how else does one fight against the sycophants who press him into our eyes and ears without any condemnation or wondering about the moral role he plays in our lives? We aren’t pimping OJ here like the media — we’re dissecting what he stands for and means in our lives and why we allow him to become our obsession.

  7. I agree with everything you wrote except for one glaring error. People seem to have short memories – the “Trial of the Century”, if there could be such a thing, was the Trial at Nuremberg.

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