Learning on the internet is a sensation that is growing every day. To meet the needs of new virtual learners the world over, Janna and I have created seven levels for studying American Sign Language online via our HardcoreASL.com portal.

By using our online videos, textbook and DVD, and one-on-one private teaching ratio, you can learn ASL in 21 weeks!

Compare 21 weeks to the 3.5 years most traditional “in-person” students would take to learn the same information — and you can see you’re getting a great value in a compressed bargain.

Our classes are not easy.

We challenge you to complete each level in 3 weeks — other traditional students take 12 weeks to learn the same things.

We understand you are busy and we value your time and resources.

We look forward to working with you to learn American Sign Language as a foreign language and we are always here to serve your needs and to patronize your yearning for knowledge.


  1. Online learning is the future. You can commute to class from your bed to your laptop!

  2. Think of all the new things you can learn online at home instead of being stuck in a car or train or bus.

  3. Yes, Janna! That is definitely the key! You can time-shift your way into pure genius learning opportunities.

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