We were looking forward to Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice 2”
until we learned that the “Apron Strings” tag-team of Joan and Melissa
Rivers would be competing separately on the same team even though
they’re the same person.

The inherent unfairness in having “The Rivers” compete — not an ocean apart, but rather in the same pond — gives them such an immense advantage over every other individual competitor that they never should have been allowed to compete.

Joan appeared to reveal in a radio interview that Melissa made the
final two — we were provided confirmation of the ruination of the show
by her blabbermouthing and from the non-anecdotal notion that a
Mother/Daughter Enabler/Enabled team is too powerful to beat.

call on NBC Television to immediately cancel “Celebrity Apprentice 2”
since the magic is lost as the celebrity is replaced with the familial
and all its unfair underpinnings and advantages in the marketplace.

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