After a really disappointing fourth season opener, my wife and I have decided that we are just going to give up and stop spending 45 (or so) minutes every week watching Gossip Girl. For the first year or two we were fans but a line has to be drawn — enough is enough.

Where did this all come from? Simply put, it’s easier to just play the first couple of seasons and then say to yourself, “repeat ad infinitum.” It was exciting for me to see the Gossip Girl television show, having read every single Gossip Girl book — most of them borrowed from the library. I even continue to read The Carlyles Gossip Girl book series.

To be honest, I should have seen this coming a long time ago — specifically because I have read all of the books. The thrust of the books is that the characters try time and time again to get together with one another — with the occasional person outside of the core six intruding for a short span of time. That short span of time translates to the length of one book or a couple of guest episodes.

“I feel like we keep watching the same episode over and over again,” my wife complained to me, “and we are both closer to 30 than 20 — what are we doing watching these kids repeating the same failed romances over and over again?”

How does it go? Serena can’t decide between Nate and Dan. Blair can’t decide whether she and Serena are friends or enemies. Chuck can’t decide how he is going to top himself as the most obnoxious person on the face of the earth.

Even Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr admits there is an issue with the show. She said, “I keep saying they have to bring in other characters because how many times can six characters date and hook up with each other before it gets real old?” Indeed, there is a limit and my wife and I have reached that limit.

Before you ask why I can keep reading the books when they are similarly repetitive, it is simply because I have a much higher threshold for repetition that seems endless than my wife. Moreover, I almost always find some new joy in reading a book, even if it does seem exactly like the last number of books in the series.


  1. Hi Gordon!

    I admit I have no clue what “Gossip Girl” is — I’ve never heard about it until you wrote about it here. In fact, while editing this article, I thought you were talking about “Gilmore Girls” — another show I’ve never seen, but at least that title rang some tiny bell in my mind.

    I’m glad I more closely read your post in editing this morning, or we would have a “Gilmore Girls” image starring in a “Gossip Girl” article!

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