Poor Bristol Palin.  She’s the keeper of her mother’s secrets.  She won Dancing with the Stars.  Now she’s morphing into her mother under the direction of a surgeon’s knife.  Can you believe the changes in her face?  She was once, bright, shining and full of hope, and now she’s been sliced and diced to mirror her mother.  What a sad circumstance for the formerly pregnant teen — now paid anti-pregnancy teen spokesmodel — who suckled over $262,000.00USD from the Candies foundation alone in 2009.

We will never truly know why Bristol decided to give up her face and put on her mother’s — but one wonders if there was some sort of familial pressure to keep up the public façade of the family as age and wrinkles begin to set in on the former Vice-Presidential candidate’s visage.

Sarah is spending a lot of time in Arizona — where Bristol now lives — and not Alaska and that too, is curious and a bit strange.  Is there a generational realigning of interests?  Is Bristol being prepped to run for congress?  Is Sarah re-staking her claim to fame in the sun instead of from the snow?

There are a lot of books on Sarah Palin coming in the months to come — and I’m sure there will be a fusillade of reckoning that might destroy the mamma bear, but spare the grizzly offspring.  Can Bristol be the keeper of the new hope?  Or is Bristol finished the moment her mother reaches her inevitable irrelevancy?

Most women eventually become their mothers — on purpose and by evolutionary design — and so we shouldn’t be surprised by the natural acclimation of Bristol into Sarah, but when we see the changes are being forced and sculpted, we must ask why this is happening and for what reason.  Who wanted the new face?  Bristol?  Or her mother?  We pray time will tell us exactly what we likely already know in our minds, but our hearts can bear the ugly truth of it all.


    1. I thought Bristol had such a warm charm with her original face — now she’s gone all Jennifer Grey on us and made herself unrecognizable. I have a hard time believing the idea to change was hers alone.

  1. cruel, nasty people…

    she is a beautiful girl

    can certainly count on the sarah haters to be so low as to hate her children as well…imagine if those who dislike obummer called his daughter filthy cruel names or described body parts in terms that would make those girls cry

    is there any decency among dems?

    1. If Bristol Palin is so beautiful — why change her God-given face?

      Sarah Palin injects her children into her politics — so the whole family is ripe for analysis.

      What is “obummer?”

      Why are you staking a claim to “decency?” Did you read your own slurring commentary?

  2. Mrs. Palin exploits her family to an alarming degree, with her youngest child being the most dramatic example of this. It is likely she would have encouraged this clone-like transformation.

    1. I read that the home Bristol just purchased in Arizona is now up for rent — does that mean she’s moving into her mother’s new place? Did Bristol venture out just a bit too far for motherly comfort?

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