If you were a reader of David Boles Blogs back in the day when we were more formally known as — GO INSIDE Magazine in the early 90’s — you will be as delighted as I was to hear from our venerable friend, and early ally, Joyce Kohl, who touched in this morning via the Boles Blogs Contact form to give us an update on her wonderful life.

Here is the text of Joyce Kohl’s lovely note, and she granted me permission to reprint it for you here:

Discovering your beautiful new [new to ME] site, and reading some of my own articles compelled me to let you know how much I appreciate both.

Yes, I’m still waking up daily, just celebrated my 83rd birthday, and living quite happily on Lake Oconee in Georgia. What a stark difference between the lush green here and the Arizona desert beauty. Oh, FWIW, I’m a one year great-great grandmother! And don’t ask – I don’t know the total number of grandchildren as my prolific family seems to announce new ones regularly; two more next January and my memory is close to zilch.

It’s such a pleasure to see a site so rich with information with that personal touch seldom found.

I hope you are doing well, and send you my congratulations on so many well done successes in your life!

Excuse my error and/or grammar – my forte now is sitting.

With sincere thanks again,

Joyce Kohl

In the early days of publishing on the internet, Joyce Kohl was a valuable ally and a pillar of stability and grace.  She wrote hundreds of GO INSIDE articles for us and you can still read many of them here.

“Joyce’s Eatery” feds lots of hungry readers with outstanding and simple recipes!

Joyce’s — Letters from the Civil War — series is still stunning in its essence of what life was really like as a soldier for her relative, William Samuel Craig, in 1862.

This was my reply to Joyce:


I am so delighted and honored to hear from you! I often wonder how you are and what you’re doing and now I know you are, as ever, safe and sound and putting all your goodness back into the world.

Thanks for sharing the news of your family. You have always richly honored those around you and that, in itself, is a great legacy for everyone to enjoy.

Congrats on the birthday! I know you find great value in every moment.

I appreciate your kind comments about the blog. Online writing has changed a lot over the years since we ventured out together in GO INSIDE Magazine — not in process, but in perception — and I’ve always believed the long form triumphs over the short, social media update, but the real world now requires both and everything, so and I play along with the brief updates in order to keep the more in-depth work alive. It can be a challenge to keep that faith.

You were an early pillar for me in every way. You were always interested in doing things the right way, making sure the word was preserved and protected, and you were never crass or money-hungry or deceitful — and those are unique and rare marks in the world, and I thank you.

I’m happy to be in touch with you again, and if you ever have something you’d like me to publish, I would be happy to share your work. No pressure! No commitment! SMILE! You just submit if or when or never you feel like it. I am tempted to take your letter and publish it — just because I know I’m not alone in wanting an update on you and what you’re doing! GRIN!

I thank you again for all your work, and for saying hello, and please stay in touch no matter what!



As ever, Joyce’s reply to my reply was even grander than her original contact:

Thank you, David, for your usual charming, flattering message. You made my day!

However, you give me too much credit. Whatever I did, you were the teacher and made me look good.

If you think it wise, then use my comment on your blog however you wish – I’d be flattered [and love it].

Have a great rest of the weekend, David. And who knows – I just might try writing again one of these days.

Lots of best wishes always,


Everything is connected.  Nothing dissolves.  We are, and always shall be, One.

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