Yes, today is a Day for Fools — but there’s no joking around that I now have a brand new Boles Book for the Playwright in Society — available for purchase from David Boles Books Writing & Publishing! This Boles Book for… is a thoughtful compilation of a lot of my writing on how the Playwright derives power and structure from the fabric of belonging.


Here’s a bite of the introduction of from the — Boles Book for the Playwright in Society — so you can get an idea how how this learning precis is set up to teach and explore the thoughts and comments swirling around us:

I have often been asked to take and organize my writing about drama theatrical theory and place everything in one easy place for reading and that event is this book!

This — Boles Book for the Playwright in Society — will examine, in detail, how the Playwright is a benefit to the social core and why we need the Playwright, in situ, examining the world. This book includes some of my private writing, my public online work in David Boles Blogs and other hidden inspirations found on the Prairie Voice Archive.

Publishing these Boles Books for… allows us to continue publishing free content across the universe of the David Boles internet and, without your support, that effort becomes slower and tougher and sloggier.

We hope you have some shared delight in writing a Boles Book for… with us and we encourage you to become an author with us!


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