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One Million Served

On my Urban Semiotic blog we are trying to reach the historic and substantial goal of ONE MILLION READERS by January 1, 2008.

It’s pretty amazing we currently have around 863,000 Urban Semiotic readers in a little more than a year of being hosted on

Please visit Urban Semiotic to help us reach our readership goal for the New Year so we can watch the numbers turn together!

We thank you!

We appreciate your keen support!

While Google Poops, the Rest of Us Get Dumped

As the author of the new book — Google Apps Administrator Guide — it is difficult for me to write this article today, but the hallmark of the book is its blunt examination of Google Apps and how to get the whole mishmash of applications working in unison across an entire domain. I believe the book is a fun, honest and informational read that doesn’t kowtow or ass munch.

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Important and Effective

In David W. Boles‘ article Competitive Anger and the Rising Insult we talked about many things in the comments area from Road Rage to People Who Keep Score to the Civil War to Economic and Spiritual Slavery.

I asked David the following question:

Which one is more important and effective, being passionate and endearing or being politically correct, shrewd and stable in the long run?

David deferred his answer.

He wanted to open up this question to everyone.

What do you think?

SuperAgent Matt Wagner

There are few people in the world who have the ability to be successful while also being kind and friendly.
SuperAgent to the Stars Matt Wagner is one of those special people who manages to find common ground between the needs of business and aesthetic and then strikes a fair balance between writing and commerce.
Matt and I have known each other for over a decade and each year brings a new fondness and appreciation for the hard work he does for every author and publisher in the business.
Formerly a lead agent at Waterside, Matt Wagner just started the Fresh Books Literary Agency so if you are looking for a good man and a fair spot to lay down your weary pen after finishing your monograph, touch in with Matt first to see if he can help you and tell him David W. Boles sent you.

I Opened a Living Time Capsule

by Evan Stair

Lincoln, Nebraska in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s was a place of beauty in the eyes of a child living in a middle class city of a 100,000 folks, but my neighborhood was more. The Bethany neighborhood was a grand playground that filled the mind, body, and soul with wholesome goodness.

Lincoln had a glorious collection of restaurants. There was a time before the “golden arches” (McDonald’s was there at the time, by the way) became the most popular restaurant in Lincoln and you would want to eat at a local favorite: King’s Restaurant, where you could get a scrumptious hamburger, or a Little Frenchie (a fried cheese sandwich); The Runza Hut where you could get of all things… a Runza (baked bread stuffed with cabbage and hamburger) or a foot long hot-dog that was actually a over foot long and made of real beef; Valentino’s (gourmet pizza — best in the country by some accounts.)

Living The Wonder Years
Some of the experiences of childhood might seem trivial now, but to me, they are a part of an age of inexperience: Innocent as an episode of “The Wonder Years.” I lived the “Wonder Years” along with several hundred other kids in Lincoln.

Behold: A child soaking up every minute of life by watching Captain Kangaroo followed by a walk next door to a school fit for kings. This was the weekday morning routine. Saturdays were spent riding a bike down a smooth sidewalk breathing in the fresh, clean, air of a new morning. Watching countless hours of cartoons ranging from uncensored Looney Tunes to Scooby Doo followed.

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Two Worlds Embracing

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Friends and family complain when we don’t call or visit often enough. The same thing happens when we don’t call, do an online visit, chat, or write e-mail often enough with those people we have met online. These two worlds, one virtual and one “real” could collide, but my experience is that these human worlds are actually quite similar. When virtual and real worlds embrace, we all can learn more about each other in new and special ways.

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