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Fox Kills 24 as America Lives Again

The recently announced cancellation of uber terror show, 24 — after eight, long, years — indicates the positive, rising, tide we are feeling once again in the USA.  The Boogeyman is dead, the faux superhero is no longer necessary, and bad drama has finally been put to rest.

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Fox News Asks Me to Call

As the publisher of 13 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network, I write a lot of articles and I get tons of requests from other press organizations for interviews.  I have learned to generally ignore any request that comes from a mainstream media outlet because they really just want you to do their background research for them — but without any reciprocal links back or appropriate recognition of the work you do for them.  Here’s an example of a request from Fox News that landed in my Inbox late Tuesday night with a story deadline of the next day.

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Rupert Murdoch Gags Google

Publishing opportunist and political hillbilly Rupert Murdoch doesn’t want Google to index his online properties like “The Wall Street Journal” because he doesn’t want people to read his stuff for free.

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Imus Back in Business on Fox

On December 5, 2007, we wrote about Don Imus’ infertile return to broadcast radio.  We were disappointed then, as we still are now, that he was so able to nimbly skirt around his bigoted and racist insults against the females on the Rutgers basketball team. On Monday, Imus started to simulcast his ancient and tired radio show on the Fox Business channel. 

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Megan Fox Has Thumbs, and So Do I

It seems that every day brings us further along the track to being relentlessly inundated with Celebrity Overload. I don’t even want to have to mention a television show with a name like “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” which just further puts a divide between those that are celebrated and those that are not. The last week has brought out a deluge of people who seem to be obsessed with Megan Fox’s thumbs. Specifically, the fact that one of her thumbs seems abnormally large and resembles a man’s toes. This, dear readers, has been captivating the attention of the United States so much that it is actually a top tracker in Google Trends.

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Muslim Bashing as Fox Entertainment

We all know Fox News is the mouthpiece of the Republican party — Fox News hates Obama and they hate a freedom loving America — but this week, in the span of two days over two hours, we saw a bright line drawn between Good Americans and Bad Muslims on two entertainment shows broadcast by Fox television — the entertainment arm of Fox News. On the season finale of last night’s “Lie to Me” the bad guys were Muslims blowing up a bus and a mall.

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