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Ten Thousand and Counting

It’s amazing that, via BlogExplosion alone, this Urban Semiotic blog has reached over 10,000 unique visitors since June 1, 2005 and it wouldn’t have happened without many of you!
Urban Semiotic also participates on other blog exchanges like Blog Clicker and Blog Advance and Blog Soldiers but the king of pushing traffic here, by a power of at least 10, is BlogExplosion, as you can see here from my member’s panel:

BlogExplosion at 10,000 Visitors

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More Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness

On Tuesday I wrote a review called Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness where I recounted my unfortunate experience with that internet advertising program. Yesterday, to my surprise, I was contacted via email by Michael E. from Yahoo! Search Marketing at 3:43pm Eastern.

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Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness

I recently tried out Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) just to see what kind of traffic they could drive to my sites for a minimum buy of $30 dollars a month.
The early results were okay. I averaged 5,000 impressions a day to return my self-imposed budget limit of 3 click-throughs per day (spending around a dollar a day) for a .37 cent bid for the “writing” keyword that would take people to my website. 

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Trying the Google Portal

I have been playing around with the new Google Portal and the experience is interesting but unmoving.

I like being able to drag-and-drop live content around on the Google portal page. The interface and environment needs a lot of work but that probably won’t happen because Google loves ugly!
If you want a mature portal interface, Yahoo! Plus is a real knockout.

I find Yahoo! Plus the easiest portal to manage. The Plus version, at least, looks really good.
I exclusively use the Yahoo! Plus beta RSS feeds for all my news now. I love seeing the minute and hourly feeds updates instead of the conventional dry once-a-day news updates I used to see there.
Give the Google portal a try. You might like it.
Then try Yahoo! Plus. You’ll like it better.

Yahoo! Music Unlimited vs. Rhapsody

Yahoo! Music Unlimited launched today and I quickly dumped Rhapsody in the middle of my two week free trial for the Yahoo! music client even though it is still in the beta phase. Here’s why I prefer Yahoo! over Rhapsody for streaming and downloading and carrying around my music: Yahoo! integrates better with my Yahoo! Plus account. Yahoo! is three times cheaper than the same setup on Rhapsody — I’m sure that will change any minute now if it hasn’t already.

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Yahoo! Sponsored Search vs. Google AdWords

I am a big fan of Yahoo! Sponsored Search over Google’s AdWords for the following reasons:
Yahoo!’s user interface is deeper and more dynamic than Google’s.

You can get extremely precise tracking in a really easy manner that doesn’t take much clicking or site digging.
Yahoo!’s budget management is more flexible.
Yahoo!’s keyword setup is faster and clearer for first-time setup.

Yahoo!’s click-through rate is higher per impression.
Yahoo!’s bid position process is more transparent.
Yahoo!’s entire setup feels more established, cleaner and solid.
Give Yahoo! Sponsored Search a try if you want to get the word out about one of your websites. If you currently pay to play with Google AdWords, you definitely need to move up to Yahoo! Sponsored Search instead.