Apple, Apple and More Apple

Autumn is the time of harvest, and there is nothing more potent than apples as a sign of the move towards winter — especially in Europe.  Tomatoes and pumpkins and squash are considered summer fruits which might overlap into autumn — but the apple harvest signifies that autumn is here and winter is approaching.

Thanks to my over zealous neighbors, I have had nigh on a hundred buckets of apples to deal with over the past few months.

First were these red — almost purple beauties. We have been unable to find what exact variety these are. We do know that they are classified as “Heirloom Portuguese” and that the trees they came from are over 50 years old.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Food and Recipes in Portugal

Over the last few weeks, I have shared some of the abundance that Portuguese cuisine has to offer. David asked me in one the comments how well Vegans were catered for in Portugal.  It was time for me to do some research.  On the face of it, Vegetarians can manage quite well as a lot of traditional Portuguese dishes incorporate eggs and cheese.  There are even some places where Vegetarian cheese can be bought.

If you are a Vegan, however, it is a very different story.

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How to Make Vegan Partatoes

It’s time for Partatoes!  “Partatoes” is one of those delightful, made-up, words that I love to invent that actually instantly means something.  Partatoes is the combination of parsnips (the “PAR-” part) and white potatoes (the “-TATOES” part) into a communal mash that makes the best tasting “Partatoes” since the invention of smashed ‘taters.

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Domino’s Pizza Turnaround Fail Fail Fail

On December 27, 2009, Domino’s Pizza threw out their old pizza recipe and, they claim, invented a whole new taste experience.  Yesterday, I suspending my eating morality for two seconds and took a bite of the “new and improved” Domino’s — cheese only — pizza to see just how much had changed with the iconic pizza of my childhood. 

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Dave's Vegan Italian Tacos

As a Virgin Vegan hot on the heels of the New Year, one might believe it is difficult and daunting to find fun and delicious things to eat. I’m here to prove that theory wrong! You can create some great and delicious meals rather quickly on a Vegan diet (I’m also off all oil of any kind to help lower my cholesterol) and I’m about to share with you my original recipe for Dave’s Vegan Italian Tacos! This recipe will make four soft-shell tacos.

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Crispy Fried Chicken

by Joyce Kohl

Crispy Fried Chicken Source: Go Inside™
My “secret” method was learned by accident.

Always a family favorite

Servings: Ingredients:
Prepare amount needed


Optional: Skin the chicken

chicken, cut-up and washed thoroughly


salt and pepper


  1. Prepare several hours ahead, or even the night before.   As you clean the chicken pieces, lay them one layer deep in a pan or plate.   Keep the plate tilted by putting an object under one end to allow the excess water to drain to one end.  Using paper towels, soak up the excess water, but do not pat dry the chicken.  In a large Tupperware bowl with a lid, put enough flour to coat the chicken pieces and to cover the pieces once coated.   Add salt and pepper to taste.   Salt and pepper the chicken pieces, too, and then toss each piece in the flour.   Repeat cleaning, draining water, and coating chicken until all the chicken has been floured.   Cover, shake, and then refrigerate.
  1. After about 3 hours or after overnight, remove chicken from refrigerator.  The pieces will be stuck together.Separate them and thoroughly re-coat each piece. You may have to remove the pieces to a pan during this process.  If needed, make another mixture of flour, salt and pepper and add to the bowl.  At this point, the chicken can be fried, or cover, shake, and refrigerate again for another 3 hours.  Then re-coat again before frying.
  1. May be fried in a large, deep chicken fryer with at least 1 1/2″ heated shortening, or in an electric deep-fry pan.  My family likes the chicken best when I prepare it the night before, re-coat it the next morning, and then again just prior to deep-frying – which is about 12 hours between re-coating.  When preparing a lot of chicken for a lot of people, I use the deep-fry method and cook each batch for 17 minutes, then put it in a slow oven to keep warm until ready to serve.


Elephant Stew

by Joyce Kohl

Elephant Stew Source: Go Inside™
Joke! Joke! Joke!
Servings: Ingredients:
3,800 Guests 1 elephant 

2 cups salt

2 cups pepper

  1. Cut elephant into 1 inch pieces (allow approximately 75 days for this procedure). Frequently add pinches of salt and pepper. Cook over kerosene fire about 4 weeks at 465 degrees.
  1. If more than 3,800 guests are expected for dinner, 2 rabbits may be added (optional). But do so only if necessary, as most people do not like to find “hare” in their stew.