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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

We have been slowly learning the terms of the CIA torture program’s “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” — and we applaud President Obama’s search for the truth — and as citizens of the world, we need to know precisely what we’ve been doing to other human beings if we ever hope to lead the world back into the light of day instead of living in the night terrors of the darkness. 

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Blood on Barack: The Fifth Guantanamo Suicide

One of the risks Barack Obama takes in the infancy of his presidency is in keeping bad Bush administration policies in place for too long without taking proactive measures to dismantle the horrors.  The wages of that waiting is that some of the blame will rub off on Obama and new bloodshed will belong solely on his hands. 

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Obama Protects Telco Surveilling

In a massive, but not unexpected, recantation of his campaign promises of reform, Barack Obama has betrayed the national good by continuing the Bush policy of giving the telephone companies that spied on us ongoing immunity from prosecution of our privacy rights violations.

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The Cowardly Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy, the last, living, princess of Camelot and the heir apparent for the ongoing propagation of the first Royal Political Family in the United States — the Bush Clan are the second — decided she was too frilly and delicate to be the knuckle-busting junior senator from the great State of New York.

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A Botched First Day?

Am I the only one feeling the first day of the Obama Administration was a series of botched moments?  Sure, the evening ended well with a deep expression of love between man and wife, but the entirety of the day begged for greatness but only promised the ordinary.

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