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John Ritter's Payout from the Grave

John Ritter’s widow is suing her husband’s doctors for $67 million dollars.  She claims the lawsuit isn’t about money, but rather about admitting wrongdoing. 

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Cloverfield Rejects History

Cloverfield is a new monster movie set in New York City that —
intentionally or not, brings back, audibly and semiotically — the
horrors of 9/11.

Entertainment does not exist in a vacuum. 

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Dr. Phil Bothers Britney

Dr. Phil has always been a boor and a bore and he’s proven it again in
his relentless pursuit of poor Britney Spears when she was recently
hospitalized.  We are glad Britney fought back against his impervious need to huck celebrity pain.

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Hulk Hogan Gets Served for Thanksgiving

Two days before Thanksgiving, fantasy wrestler Hulk Hogan’s wife Linda
filed for divorce proving, once again, that’s the thanks the Hulk gets
for providing for all the needs of a family for over two decades.

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